• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Ukraine decimated an entire Russian military unit with a single HIMAR strike in Soledar, which has become the fiercest battle on …


39 thoughts on “ATTACK FOOTAGE!! 6 Ukraine Missiles destroys 25 Russian Wagner troops and Hideout in Soledar”
  1. Ukrainian men are pretty good in bed, just like they are pretty good at fighting, Ukrainian men have amazing sense of humour. That is why Ukrainian women prefer to get married to Ukrainian even though male population in Ukraine is getting decrease at a rapid pace due to the war and revolutions for decades. And a lot of Ukrainian women are standing besides their men (boyfriends or husbands) at the way. To the opposite, Russian women send their men to war to Ukraine to be killed, and Russian women are happy to get fur coats as compensations. I think it's because Russian men are pretty weak at their sexuality and because Russian men do a lot of family violence.

  2. It's sorrowful, when we talk about Zelensky & Putin, cos no one is innocent for killing. But there's proxy war as social media & tv mention paid by gov't for news…are you care about us (innocent) NATO, US, Rassia, China & business leaders, we same want to life,,,, please think of us.

  3. almost all you are seeing is Russia overwhelming ukrainians! Russian Wagner just encircles Bhukmut and ukrainian is about to either get out or wiped out! anything that pumps ukraine is a lie. 130,000 plus troops dead.

  4. There is no truth. The West distorts the whole reality, while clouding the eyes and ears of the population, when it helps to revive Nazism 2.0 in Ukraine to fight the Russians. That is the most terrible Nazism, which killed 40 million people. Now who were the criminals of the Second World War, thanks toWestern support, they became national heroes in Ukraine.

  5. Western news lies a lot, Ukrainians have already sent all men to war, there will be no more Ukraine, the West is making everything much worse, the American leadership is killing people, bastards

  6. Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's been a year since the floor of the planet is against Russia. People are dying.
    You brought it to this. You were warned.
    And it's your fault.
    You have reached the edge and our Putin has moved to action.
    And you all know what will happen when the Russian is unstoppable

  7. Just a countinue a grate answer a came out hide a that our a realation a all kind leaders in a our goverment a must a nice pleasant came in a our future especially our all kind a defence minister a just were countinue and our goverment in a Ukraine and Ukrainian a president zmesckly I'm Peter soto Manalo a minister a goverment in a all kind our goverment countries all kind

  8. Yes can’t you tell Ukraine is winning? It’s obvious because all of their cities look like rubble. Don’t believe US and Ukrainian propaganda. Russia wins easily, anytime they want to. They’re just protecting their own citizens who live in a country that started in 1997. Ukraine was always part of Russia, for you dumb people.Why don’t you read some history books

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