• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Ukraine #Combat #Footage GoPro of Nlaw gunner in Ukraine Todays vid is one that took a lot of editing time but came out well.


32 thoughts on “GoPro of Nlaw Gunner in Ukraine”
  1. like how these videos don't play music through the entire thing as solider once said dramatic music doesn't start playing when things get serious this why I like this channel.

  2. This mission wasn't boring. Especially when someone brought coffee. And him smoking cigarette. Feels like camping. Probably best part of war to be able to have a cup of coffee eat a sandwich and smoke a cigarette.

  3. Наёмникам нет пощады они не попадают ни под одну конвенцию,так что подумайте прежде чем ехать на заработки,здесь вас ждёт только смерть

  4. What happened at 7:04?
    Your buddy doesn’t seem too hot for a second. Also there’s a weird cut right before you ask for ranges…

    He ok?..
    The more I watch I can’t seem to feel.. idk man..

  5. Nice to get a coffee out there! 🙂 . Yeah, this sort of thing being slow is all okay! Cool watching these video's, it's informative to us. I learn something new every time. TY

  6. Убирайтесь с нашей земли. Иначе мы придем на вашу. Это уже было. Готовы американцы все пойти воевать? А мы готовы!

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