• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Russian forces have been slowed by heavily dug-in Ukrainian troops who are holding the most brutal front line in eastern …


25 thoughts on “In the trenches: See Ukrainians holding the line against Russia”
  1. Congratulations Russia eliminates the Nazis who bombed Donbass for eight years.

    Allied forces' offensive eliminate up to 600 Ukrainian soldiers in Donetsk
    The Russian Defense Ministry reported that as a result of an offensive by Russian allied forces, up to 600 Ukrainian military personnel were eliminated in the Donetsk region.
    In the Artemovsk region, the Russian Aerospace Force eliminated more than 50% of the troops of the 20th battalion of the 93rd mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Army.
    In 24 hours, seven command posts, personnel and military vehicles of the Ukrainian Army were eliminated in 212 areas.
    In addition, a Ukrainian army supply post for technical materials in the Zaporozhie region, as well as five other warehouses, was also destroyed, the Russian MD reported.

  2. Reality show on display! Ukraine the sinkhole of mercenaries!
    About 20 US mercenaries are eliminated in Kharkov
    Ukrainian military casualties as a result of last-day Russian attacks in the Nikolaev and Dnepropetrovsk regions exceeded 200 men, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday.
    According to the statement from the ministry, the Russian Air and Space Force almost completely eliminated a Ukrainian battalion in Dnepropetrovsk, resulting in about 200 nationalists dead and more than 150 wounded.
    In the Kharkov region, the attack on Kraken battalion positions resulted in the annihilation of more than 100 fighters, including up to 20 US mercenaries.
    In northern Kharkov, up to 130 Ukrainian fighters, as well as eight units of special military equipment, were eliminated. In other areas of the Donetsk Republic, Russian forces also destroyed two enemy tanks and seven special vehicles.
    In the last 24 hours, Russian aviation, along with missile and artillery troops, destroyed a Buk-M1 multiple rocket launcher and a radar station.

  3. I find information in Ukrainian media that Russian forces have rigged explosives in the Zaporizhzhia power plant and threaten to blow it up if Ukraine tries to take it back. I do not find reference to this information in western media. Is it true? Is it propaganda?

  4. Losing over 1500 soldiers per day, russia victory is imminent and eminance and radiance. Zelensky will be fine though . He’s protected by British and American special forces. The family is reportedly living in an $8 million mansion in Israel. He owns a $34 million villa in Miami Beach, and another in Tuscany. Average Ukrainians were lied to, robbed, and in many cases, murdered, by the Kiev gang he presides over – oligarchs, security service (SBU) fanatics, neo-Nazis. And those Ukrainians that remain (10 million have already fled) will continue to be treated as expendable. Put simply, Ukraine is losing the war. They are losing fast. They are losing big.

  5. The smartest presedent in the world is nitinyaho which make his government israil one ofe the smartest government in the world and also china smart
    and usa not smart but the most reasonable government after israil

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    They go play with mbs not me

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