• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

RUSSIAN forces destroy Ukrainian equipment in HUGE explosion after direct hit from self-propelled guns. This footage was …


18 thoughts on “Russian self-propelled guns destroy Ukrainian equipment in HUGE explosion”
  1. Ukraine is attempting to land troops on the eastern bank of the Dnieper but Russian force beat back the attacks.

    "Absolutely all attempts to cross the Dnieper in high-speed boats and land on the left bank to conduct sabotage activities are prevented"

    It’s not easy to cross a river like the Dnieper, especially with a small force.

    "The military has already completed the construction of fortifications along the entire riverside, which stretches from Energodar in the Zaporozhye Region almost to the Black Sea, to the Kinburn Spit. These operations [of the Armed Forces of Ukraine] are like a mosquito bite."

    The Ukrainian command acting on orders from NATO advisers, dooms its soldiers to make efforts, such the crossing of the Dnieper, that are known in advance to be impossible.

    "The commanders who plan such operations are real war criminals because they know how it will end, but nevertheless give the orders. And they are led by advisers that stay behind and who modestly say that they are not interfering in the conflict in Ukraine. In fact, NATO, especially the leader of the alliance – the United States, are meddling and not so little. I think that in the near future they will receive not just a rebuff, but they will have to flee," the official said.

    The Ukrainian military is beginning to understand that they are fighting not for Ukraine, but in the interests of international capital, which uses Ukrainians as rank-and-file personnel."

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