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The Massacre of a Russian armoured column | Military Mind | TVP World


Apr 13, 2023 , ,

In the area of the town of Uhledar, the Ukrainian military destroyed a column of Russian vehicles. Over 30 tanks, infantry fighting …


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  1. Any time you see the Russians doing literally anything on the battle field, speed it up by 2 and add the Benny Hill theme song… to funny.

  2. I believe that Putin should send more nukes to Lukashenko . Then when he moves against Ukraine, Poland and Ukraine can move in and acquire the Nukes. Then Poland and Ukraine can have them if Russia does anything. HaHaHaLOL. Putin is such a dope.

  3. I have an idea on how to get Russians to surrender while they're in the trenches. Get a loudspeaker on to a drone and tell them in Russian to surrender and drop white weighted flags at their locations. And tell them it won't be flags dropped next if they don't.

  4. If putins oligarch cook wants to keep enjoying the billions of dollars putin let him cheat out of the Russian peoples then he must turn his troops on putin just make a deal with the west allowing him to keep the billions of dollars he has stolen if he takes out putin before putin kills him as putin will kill him because of his power and control of so many armed mercenaries that gives putin no choice but to make him fall off a balcony to join the other oligarchs putin has turned on and had killed around the world no where are they safe from putin

  5. Song at 3m20sec mark (or close to it)

    Artist: Angy Kreyda (Енджі Крейда) Ukrainian Incantation (Unto each Russian invader)

    Song: Враже (Vrazhe) Album: Сію тобі в очі (2022)

    Song Lyrics (ENG-UK):

    Sowing in thine eye,

    Sowing in the night.

    Thou shall get, my foe,

    By the Witch’s word.

    How many rye seeds

    Went to holy soil,

    Just as many times, foe,

    Shall thou be destroyed.

    How many cries, foe,

    Rooster gives at night,

    That shall be the count, foe,

    Of days until thou die.

    Unto God – the God’s,

    Unto foe – the foe’s.

    Thou shall get, my foe,

    By the Witch’s word.

    How many steps, foe,

    Make thou in Ukraine,

    That many of thy clan folk

    End in early graves.

    Over half the world

    Shall the curses work.

    Thou shall get, my foe

    By the Witch’s word.

    My pysanka is painted,

    Cradle’s swinging steady,

    While thy mother, foe,

    Shall be childless crone,

    And for thy father, foe,

    Death shall be the solace,

    And thy spouse, foe,

    Shall wither in dishonour.

    Unto God – the God’s,

    Unto foe – the foe’s.

    Thou shall get, my foe,

    By the Witch’s word.

    Once I sift my grief through

    Our finest sieve,

    Thou shall pray for death throes

    As a wanted gift.

    But thou shall not find, foe,

    Quick and easy death,

    And in death itself, foe,

    Shall you find no rest.

    This my word is sticky,

    This my word is sinewy,

    Thou shall get, my foe,

    By the mother’s word,

    Thou shall get, my foe,

    By the good wife’s word,

    Thou shall get, my foe,

    By the maiden’s word,

    Thou shall get, my foe,53

    By the young child’s word,

    Thou shall get, my foe,





  6. Russians are stupid! common sense says when a tank in front of you gets destroyed don't move forward to the same spot it's a trap. oh well I'm glad they are this way.

  7. 2:45 – In WW2 in the Desert War, there were times that British tank crews who knew they survived one hit from a German 88 gun at long range would simply bail out of the tank, knowing the next hit would finish them off. See the AFVs here after surviving the first strikes still continue advancing with their fates already sealed in a target zone.

  8. Mon Dieu ! Que c'est beau de voir une colonne de tanks ruSSes se faire détruire méthodiquement ! So romantisch… Une pure extase. Un bon Orc est un Orc mort ! Allez y, 3CY, défoncez les ! Ils ne méritent que ça.

  9. Запомните Европейцы и американцы ,вы кровью ответите ща каждую русскую и украинскую кровь. За то что толкнули славян на гражданскую войну. Все ответите ! Мы никогда еще не оставались в долгу.

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