• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Sky’s security and defence analyst Professor Michael Clarke has stressed that China “will not make a big play” in supplying arms …


44 thoughts on “Ukraine War: How far will China go in supplying arms to Russia?”
  1. the true is that sanctions on Russia made the chain reaction to BRICS move faster. The countries that use BRICS will be sanction-proof, bully-proof and not intimidated to complying with the West social & diplomatic demands. God job USA and friends

  2. Pootin put too many chips on table . His special operation ( war ) is his worst nightmare. It’ll take years for communist Russia to replenish itself from this war . Set China back to . Expect cheaper prices at Wally World .

  3. China is powerful as long as west wants just close western factory's also Japanese and south Korean and stop import good into western world how they are going to feed 5 000 000 000 Chinese stomach

  4. PEARL HARBOR -1941 & NOW ??

    Sunday, December the seventh

    In the year of 1941,

    While most of Hawaii still slept

    Came the planes of the Rising Sun.

    Waves of bombers and fighters flew

    From the decks of the Japanese ships.

    While our planes were still on the ground

    "Banzai" was spoken from their lips.

    The winds of war had been blowing

    Across the oceans of our earth

    Though not till Pearl had been bombed

    Did we realize what freedom's worth.

    Wars are fought and won on two fronts

    At home and on the battle line.

    Both are equally important

    When war consumes our heart and mind.

    The attack brought us World War II

    With death, pain and separation.

    All who had served were well aware

    Of their sacrifice for nation.

    By Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web

    Google = George Bush Tom Zart

  5. so Xi wants to stop people getting killed every day and Clarke clearly thinks this is a horrible idea, he rather let the war drag on for another five years


  7. I love how the media is portraying that the Russian war effort is on a life line and desperately needs additional support to continue. This just isn't corroborated by any on the ground facts, sadly

  8. As Paul Joseph Goebbels said, only if the lie is absolutely insane will people be able to believe it. Broadcast: War propaganda against China based on false accusations. War with China by AU army? Equally – to stop the wind and the movement of clouds. Although these same leftists undertook to lower the temperature of the air and the Ocean.

  9. They are already delivering weapons, everybody knows!! Its a stupid political (media) game thats being played for months now. Some country's are openly for russia.. like china, hungary ( kick them out the EU) and more…

  10. After seeing whats going on in the world last year or two.I feel ashamed of being Human i thought the world had hope now i see death despair and destruction coming what a mess we got our selves in.And all to do with idiots and the few who seek power.I guess its our destiny to go back to the dark ages and that we will.

  11. Of course, China could be the winner of the war in Ukraine under the following conditions:
    1. Xi Jinping forces the Putin regime to end the war and withdraw from all of Ukraine to the 1991 borders, including Crimea and Donbass.
    2. China together with the USA, EU, UK, NATO, Japan, G7, India is the guarantor of the Peace Treaty between Ukraine and Russia, in which Russia undertakes to recognize Ukraine's borders from 1991 and as an aggressor repairs all damages in Ukraine caused by illegal, nothing unprovoked war. For the purposes of security and stable reconstruction, Ukraine becomes a full member of the EU and NATO.
    3. China is gaining more and more advantage over Russia, becoming a dominator and protector.
    4. Despite his greedy plans, Putin subordinates Russia to China.
    5. In the event of the fall of Putin's regime in Russia, socio-political chaos, power struggles and even the disintegration of the Federation may occur.
    6. Then China would quickly claim its lands seized by the Russian Empire – over 1 million sq km, Outer Manchuria -1858 Treaty of Peking.
    Fortunately for us, this will not happen because Xi Jinping and Putin are great admirers of Stalin, although they do not declare it. Their dream is to defeat the West, destroy democracy and the rule of law, and gain control and power over the entire world.
    They did not expect that the weak West could really stand up for Ukraine. But that's exactly what happened. " The great strategist Putin turned out to be an ordinary criminal, ignorant, persona non grata.
    Since February 24, 2022, a brutal and unnecessary political war has been going on in Ukraine, between lawless regimes, dictatorships, and the democratic West.
    Never before have the USA, EU, UK, NATO, G7, Japan, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Norway, New Zealand and many democratic countries of the world cooperated so closely and so effectively. Ukraine, thanks to its character, courage, heroism, and international help, successfully defends itself against the Russian invasion, bleeds the enemy and succeeds.
    As Gen. Ben Hodges said: Western leaders, US president, UK prime minister, French president, German chancellor, EU president, all must speak with one voice that Ukraine will definitely win the war against Russia, and we must do everything in our power to make it happen. happened as soon as possible.
    Ukraine should be supplied with everything it needs to win the war, military equipment, ammunition, fuel, food, money, tanks, planes, but also long-range missiles in large quantities so that Ukraine can destroy targets in the Crimea, Donbas, but also military groups, warehouses , logistics, military purposes.
    Summing up, after winning the war, the biggest beneficiaries will be Ukraine and the US, EU, UK, NATO, G7, the entire United West and of course billions of people around the world who want to live in peace.

  12. This man is a dinosaur. He speaks in a language of competition and not cooperation. Because the concept of cooperation is beyond him. China and Russia as equal partners, will spearhead the rise of a multipolar world. The west is finished and although I imagine the US will experience growth in the coming years, this will be at the cost of Europe. People in Europe will be facing extreme levels of poverty not seen since the 30's within a year. Our only hope is to end our belligerent stance and enter into this multipolar word and forget about the USA, they are nobodies friend. Just ask the Germans what happened their cheap supply of energy, the US decided to cut it off. Europe and particularly the UK are simply vassal states of the US.

  13. To destroy the peace of world USA is the solely responsible. Think, America never face any threat to their teritory so far. Apart from this they created threat for other countries. They set up ukrein to threat Russia, they are setting up Taiwan to threat China, they set up South Korea & Japan to threat North Korea. Even, they set up Israel to threat Iran & middle east. They destroyed Iraq, Libiya, Egypt, Syria & many other countries . They use the European countries ( especially Germany, France, Poland, UK) as their domestic dogs. Think, if Canada or Mexico wants to make a military treaty with Russia or China, then, weather USA would take it easily? never never. USA is the only destroyer in the world.

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