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The AHS “Krab” is a self-propelled howitzer developed to a NATO-friendly standard for the Polish Army. The project was, at one …


10 thoughts on “Ukraine War: How powerful is the Polish AHS "Krab" self-propelled howitzer delivered to Ukraine?”
  1. 0:55 Well, again, poor material, it's a pity that the author missed four facts:

    1) The first barrels for the AHS Krab prototypes were supplied by BAE Systems and manufactured by Royal Ordnance.

    2) Due to the discontinuation of the production of L/52 barrels by the British side in the meantime, the supplier of the barrels had to be changed. Having researched the manufacturers of artillery barrels, the Ministry of National Defense chose the product of the French concern Nexter Systems from Bourges – 9 barrels were purchased there.

    3) After delivering the barrels to complete the first module from the Nexter concern, it was decided, due to more favorable conditions, to purchase barrels for further 16 howitzers of the first squadron from the German company Rheinmetall.

    4) In the years 2014–2016, however, the HSW barreling department was modernized and equipped with new equipment, which enabled HSW to independently manufacture barrels for the Krab program. Since 2016, the barrels for AHS Krap have been made in Poland by HSW.

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