• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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37 thoughts on “25 Russian tanks destroyed in past two days – Footage of destruction of another tank”
  1. Not a big expert but there is no verient E of the T-80 tank also russian tank has large marking on them like "Z" or "O" etc…To me it looks like an old T-80 B verient with Kontakt-1 ERA. Also it looks like an Ukrainian tank to me, they usually mark their tank with "+", which you can see clearly this one has it on his side…Be smart do your on research. Propaganda works 24/7 from both sides…

  2. The Russian army has taken a real butt kicking over the past 3 days. 30 tanks and over 50 APV's, 4 anti-aircraft systems, a jet, a helicopter, over a dozen artillery systems, and almost 3,000 troops killed. They simply cannot sustain this rate of loss indefinitely, especially with Ukraine about to be reinforced with new anti-tank strike vehicles and Western tanks about to be received, along with longer range missile systems.

  3. Why Ukrainians retreat then, and loosing sooooo many of troops and weaponry? Why just one (old) footage instead of nice 25 footages? Oh, must be someone lie…

  4. Am sure it was the tank commanders head poking out of the turret when hit that plonked on the snow afterwards. My Grandad in the battle of El-Alamein mentioned the same scene happened to him – tank commanders red-haired head rolling in the sand.

  5. Эти тупрылые руzzкие увидели крест который русня ставит на свои танки когда танки перегоняются по железной дороге – специальная метка. И радуются что увидели похожий знак, и опа радость, они идентифицировали украинский танк. Лишнехромосомные.
    These stupid ruzzians saw the cross that the Russians put on their tanks when theн are transporting by rail – a special mark. And they are glad that they saw a similar sign – they identified a Ukrainian tank, lol. Extrachromosomal creatures

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