• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

INTENSE Close Quarter Combat in Tunnels | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews All footage unconfirmed.


32 thoughts on “INTENSE Close Quarter Combat in Tunnels | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews”
  1. Yo me pregunto .. si rusia tiene tremenda fuerza aérea , tiene la capacidad de colocar 100 aviones de combate en el aire y además de colocar 50 bombarderos pesados para dejar caer muchas bombas y hacer que se rindan y evitar muerte de soldados rusos…. En realidad de nadie, pero porque no sucede ?, Que se esconde detrás de todo esto ?

  2. Humvee being used in the way was that right to do well yes if that's all you have. What happened to the British scimiter light reconnaissance tracked. I don't recall seeing any perhaps they're being saved for the Crimea push ? Any information?

  3. I wanted to say something about how Europeans must have scum-magnetism in the ground controlling them making every generation fight each other like jungle tribes even though they are the literal idea of civilisation, or maybe one real strong demon or two took over since Rome and is still gnawing its souls like a beast, idk. But I'm not going to because where is it different?

  4. If everyone couldd please say a prayer for 2 of my very close friends….they were ex us Marines who fought in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan. They were sadly killed in a rocket attack last week in Ukraine. This war is very reall and there are more Americans over there than you could even imagine. Stay grateful people!

  5. For those confused, all of these casualties are from the Ukrainian side, look at the symbols in their gear, the colors on their weapons. It amazes me how people just assume this is Russia just because the media says they are winning when they have lost most of their army, most of these fighters are mercenaries and from Nato.

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