• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Macron gets the best of Putin with Caesar howitzer | Automatic setting up, laying & shell loading


Apr 14, 2023

Putin’s men up against the Caesar howitzer in the war zone, sent by NATO member France. The combat-proven French weapon …


32 thoughts on “Macron gets the best of Putin with Caesar howitzer | Automatic setting up, laying & shell loading”
  1. Supoorting a murderer for outdated weapons cheap oil is itself a murder. Our country should know diffence between rights to buy and ethics to buy from a murderer like russia. Each drop of oil we buy has blood of Ukraine people

  2. so good God bless Russia and Putin from New Zealand. Please cleanse Ukraine of NATO, America, Germany, UK, Puppet selensky, and Ukraine’s Nazi forces. Please American gangster politicians, stop blowing up Russian gas pipelines like Biden said he would, and allowing puppet selensky to buy property in America. Let Russia have their land and people in Ukraine back, and end the war.

  3. Evil men and ladies, all of you just war use of your weapons as being superior to kill russians and no russian weapon is killing france Germany or americans but you you have sent weapons to kill russians and you are happy drinking even wine

  4. If Kim wud been there in place of Putin … world wud hv seen a result in just 3-4 days … No Ukrainian nor the NATO’s weapon wud hv been working .

  5. France has no right to send weapons to Ukraine since Ukraine is not a Nato member this is declaration of war between Russia/France, France will regret it

  6. In a few days the gloves are off!!! Everything in Ukraine will be a target for Russia and Kiev will be shred to ashes!! This is NATO's fault for desperately trying to escalate this war!!

  7. This the only chance the european countries are trying to keep the winter warmer by heating the environment.because there is no more gas available .look to the east where the sun rise then u will notice after a long cold night there came a light from the east with a warm greeting it touch you from your head to your toe .better look east my friend so we dont have to use these destructive technnologies to warm ourselves.

  8. HT
    Please, Don't GLORIFY… the puppet Macron's actions. Why is France getting involved ? How can Peace have a chance ?
    THUG Z should fight Putin alone ….One on One. That's the only way this war will end. How silly of me….Who wants it to end ?
    Every W. Country wants REGIME Change in Russia. Shouldn't that be the decision of the RUSSIAN CITIZENS ? WAR Mongers !!!

  9. Putin needs to understand to end the war and focus on how economically he can destroy these fox countries. Today's world is all about surviving at best way possible. Putin alone is fighting against the superior western countries could be disastrous for Russia. Putin needs to support all African and South American countries to make as their allies. Automatically these foxes will come to your feet. First of all try to stop this war as soon as possible. USA is reviving its strength through this war. Wake up Russia.

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