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Russia is attempting to destroy Bakhmut: a story from the frontline


Apr 14, 2023 , ,

The Russians destroyed 60 percent of Bakhmut’s urban infrastructure. In the last three months alone, a dozen architectural …


17 thoughts on “Russia is attempting to destroy Bakhmut: a story from the frontline”
  1. I don't think it's anything personal. Unfortunately this is the only way Russia knows to do war. They destroy every city they attack… raze it to the ground just like was done back in WWII.
    Russia is still using those same battle tactics today. They don't seem to know how to modernize. If it works don't fix it I guess…..

  2. If ukraine hasn't understood putins message by now, they need to hear it now. If he is going to be a failure in this conflict that he already knows is doomed, then his last act isn't going to be the soviet empire being restored, but the total destruction of what he can't have back. He literally wants to wipe out all traces of a country that wants to be free and independent of the old USSR regime. Even if it's his last dying statement, he's going to do it just for spite.. he does not care about his future generations that will make his country, he just cares for his vision of his glory days and when times were good in his kgb career.

  3. It's so sad to see so much Ukraine's architecture being smashed to pieces by the ruzzians everyday as they try to erase them; it' beyond heartbreaking. And then what they did at that theatre in Mariupol that was shelled…ugh…that's even worse. every time I think human can't get worse some crazy leader comes along says hold my vodka and does this cr@p, . Putin is fallowing Adolfs' play book right down to the youth club, except he call everyone lese nazi's , which ….his troop's literally have swastikas …but..yeah, okay, sure, whatever you say Mr. Putin, SMH.
    Buildings can be restored and rebuilt…but the price in blood, limb and lives that will paid is not a refundable one sadly but one, I know Ukraine will win because it is fighting for more than just land or buildings…it is you home you neighbors families and friends, your freedom and you liberty that you are fighting for and it is worth all of it.
    Heroyam Slava!!
    Slava Ukriani!!!

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