• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Russian Army bombs Ukraine soldiers ‘hiding’ in trenches as Putin’s drones hunt them down | Watch

Amid the brutal battle for Bakhmut, where Russian forces have captured 70% of the city, the Russian Defence Ministry has …


22 thoughts on “Russian Army bombs Ukraine soldiers ‘hiding’ in trenches as Putin’s drones hunt them down | Watch”
  1. This sites adoration of civilian massacre and criminal warfare is interesting. Stunt warfare irrespective. Incidentally, what happened to the assault in a town laid waste by Russia. What happened to Indian morality, I wonder?

  2. 0:13 hey it was a ukrainian helmet with cellphone driving drones….. how come you posted it on a video.. a big difference between russia poor helmet vs. Ukraine helmet.. all i see is russian orcks firing in the air.. whers the ukraine killed??? Click bait.. or indian propaganda hahahahaah

  3. LOL This channel is pathetic. I keep on hearing about Russians encircling Bakhmut since end of January and there's still no encirclement and Russians move the front slower than a snail. Слава Україні!

  4. Russia, despite all the hate we have for it, has behaved in a very parental way towards the Ukrainians, since the war began. imagine a country with very sophisticated weaponry, going to war with 1960s tanks. When the Ukrainians blew them up, they celebrated. the US moved in with its HIMARS, Russia too, upgraded from 1960s tanks to 2000s tanks. Problem came when Britain threatened to send Depleted Uranium shells, Russia too, promised to send Iskanders to Belarus. Now NATO is blaming Russia. If Russia and Ukraine had been given a chance, if the UN and Security Council had not neglected Russia's complaints, if the US and Britain had not interfered, if Zelensky had realised his mistake (of trying to annoy a big boy), if the West had not underestimated Putin's resolve not to be threatened like Iraq, if Zelensky had calmed down and agreed to talk, etc, THE WAR WOULD HAVE ENDED ALREADY.

    The more weapons Ukraine gets, the more "her legs get mashed". At the end of it all, Ukraine will be a heap of ash, suffering radiation from British DU shells and a stronger Russia, economically and militarily. Truth is that the common man in Russia is busy sipping his vodka and doesn't feel the effects of war. Back in Ukraine and in many NATO countries, the situation is different.

    NATO countries have been bullied into donating the few weapons and military systems they have to Ukraine, but this cannot go on forever. Russia prepared for this war and kept it a secret, the West was taken unaware!
    Zelensky, calm down, Russia is a big boy, he will "damage your balls". GO BACK TO HIM AND TALK. SAVE THE SOLDIERS STUCK IN THE TRENCHES IN BAKHMUT.

  5. Russia has invaded Ukraine. Russians have raped, murdered and pilaged. This is terrible. I'm a Canadian of Belarussian ancestry. Russian milatary now dominates Belarus. Russians and Belarusians are too afraid to speak up.

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