• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
  1. HIMARS /
    One shot = One bad day = Body bags on a train back to Russia.

    Russian Army recruiting poster reads:
    Go to the Ukraine to fight for Putin – Stay in the Ukraine to fertilize the soil and feed the worms

    Slava Ukraine — ❤ —

  2. The us marines who fought in ukraine are mostly dead or terrified because this war is not like afghanistan or irak, its a real war like WW 2. I am german, without russia hitler would win the war, the so called allies would fucked up. Dont underestimate russia because they had some problems in the beginning. Germany was also in the beginning of the Barbarossa campaign pretty sucsessfull and the came near to moskow. But than the russian red army got bigger and bigger. i am sure that Mar. Selensky one day will sit like Adold Hitler in his Führerbunker and will find his end there. It doesn t matter that some nations support ukraine, in WW2 also countries like italy, romania and bulgaria was supporting nazi germany. Also french soldiers fight in the Charlemagne Division and also scandinavian volunteers. nazism was always international, because of that now nazis from germany, Uk and other nations fight as volunteers in ukraine. If the ukraine would win, they will establish the first nazi country after WW2. They have strong connections with neo nazi groups in europe. its a shame that my country supports again nazis. But 50 % of germans are luckily against that support.

  3. Imagine a country having some of the best combat experience with NATO weapon systems, while not being an actual member of NATO. Ukraine has more than earned their potential membership.

  4. This is even worse than Mariupol. After weeks of constantly declaring victory in Soledar, Russian positions continue to get decimated by Ukrainian counterfire, and Russia has so far been unable to raise their flag over the town.

  5. The thing is it is going to take time for Wagner to build defensive positions so the ground isn't going to be defended well or prepared and they are open to a counter attack that's going to steamroller them.

  6. I'd say France and Britain's military are willing and very able to mess up locations that launched attacks at them. And then they'd go after the provocateurs without hesitation. They'd be merciless in their efforts. They may not be the USA, China or what the Russians may have thought of themselves once to be, but France and Britain have centuries of hard core military experience and traditions not to mention modern armed forces that are just itching to mix it up. Oh, did they forget they are also nuclear powers with nuclear subs?

  7. That propagandist must be on some kind of narcotics, up against any UK regiment they would lose, without the need for special forces, I am sure it would be the same outcome in France, he obviously has serious mental health issues,

  8. I do believe everyone of those Russian idiots talking smack has been watching too many bad Steven Seagal movies, drinking way to much cheap vodka, smoking too much Afghan Kush, and snorting North Korean bunky Crystal Meth

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