• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

UKRAINIAN soldiers fly drones over Russian trenches before dispatching deadly bombs with precision. This footage was …


25 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces fly drones over Russian trenches before dispatching bombs”
  1. All the footage I've seen of these drone dropped bombs and I'm starting to wonder if they are more of an annoyance than actually effective, being more used to force movement than kill. Just doesn't seem like the payload could be very big.

  2. Why would anyone in this day and age think that trench warfare could be strategically……….well, nevermind. Sure makes for great video though!

  3. sun посмел кинуть мне страйк за то, что я преступника путина называю преступником и выделяю жирным текстом. и мне пришло предупреждение от ютуба. а давайте заблокируем sun (?)

  4. to Zelensky :
    Brigade assaults need more drones operators to help ukrainian soldiers to kick out russian soldiers hidden in their trenches , so this strategy will be usefull to have less ukrainian soldiers wounded or killed.

    All counter-offensive must have a lot of drones operators to help the success of this counter-offensives , so ukrainian soldiers need more drones , more drones operators , and more genades for drones .

  5. I remember the first time I saw a drone, I thought they will change the way we live. I never dreamt i'd be watching them blowing Russian soldiers up. Slava Ukraine.

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