• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian forces take out Russian tank and pick off troops in trenches in explosive war zone. The Ukrainian military said …


30 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces take out Russian tank and pick off troops in trenches”
  1. Just how in the hell are they going to rebuild after this? Is Russia? Win or lose? I think not. It the US? They cant afford to. Is Europe? They are more into themselves. I say Europe. Their green policy's set the stage.

  2. I read the comments and see all the charm of the Europeans and their democracy – continuous calls for war and blood. And so it has always been, all major wars are unleashed by Europeans and all for resources and power. Nazism originated in Europe and still lives there. And they call themselves: "the whole World"

  3. On to Moscow. Reparations around the corner. Russia is being destroyed. With new weapons, munitions it gets worse for Russia. Russian people will soon revolt. No more Putin.

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