• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Ukrainian soldier shows off the remains of a destroyed Russian tank. The images show a group of Ukrainian fighters walking …


33 thoughts on “Ukrainian soldier shows off remains of destroyed Russian battle tank”
  1. SUN, as always, carries propaganda and unverified information. In the video, the destroyed BMP1 / 2 of unknown origin, judging by the rollers and rear hatches, speaks of the channel’s lies.

  2. Tanks and helicopters in my opinion will become obsolete in the sense that javelins and stinger missles make them incredibly easy targets and the technology will only get better the range will get better on the javelins and the singers so will the piercing tandem Warhead It would be unwise to invest a lot of money in new tank artillery would be a better option but even then as the best solution drones are the way of the future very similar to the Iranian drone but when you have swarms of 10,000 what can you do against it

  3. The world knows Russia are the good guys. Its messed up cah we gonna be fightthem n not be fully into knowing we the bad guys. Ill be apologizing to every Russian i kill like pop pop sorry my leaders say we hve to soooo….pop!

  4. Ukrainian are lucky Russia hasn't gotten serious yet. The weapons of Russia can eliminate any country in the world. & Russia has the world best defence system. Ukrainian gotten charity in military aids .

  5. Stop the war and make peace a choice to live in harmony….After killing yourselves strangers will occupy ur lands…..Let love lead pls enough of blood letting..Humans are not animals to die fighting over nothing

  6. The sun just report naff tank hits here couple of troops there. You have to see through the bull that Ukraine is winning and Russians run out of missiles. Delusional propoganda channels making a great come this year

  7. Next week time, they will only be showing their flattened city kherson .maybe making making songs of what it was. .just another 3 days !

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