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What the War in Ukraine Will Look Like in 2023 #warinukraine


Apr 14, 2023
39 thoughts on “What the War in Ukraine Will Look Like in 2023 #warinukraine”
  1. Quick update- tactical nukes are heading to Belarus. Keep thinking the threats are empty if you so choose. But they are not empty just because they haven't done anything yet.

  2. The West needs to supply Ukraine with more serious weapons: cruise missiles, long range rockets, predator drones and fighter jets. Putin is an absolutely evil being and needs to have his forces coerced to go back home.

  3. Complete nonsense. The West cannot provide additional equipment and supplies. The Ukrainian military has been annihilated. Russia has won and there is nothing that can be done to change that.

  4. Yeah …Ukraine also needs B52 Bombers, Stealth Bombers, Stealth Fighters, Battleships, Destroyers, Aircraft Carriers, Nuclear Subs……did I miss anything, Mr. Zylenski?

  5. If you think Russia will just roll over, you are very misguided. Ukraine will never go back to as it was. The best the west can hope for is that the country is divided.

  6. Your dreaming. Russia will win this war by mid summer. Sources say we are running out of supplys to send. We will run out of money. Whats left for us to send. Its not up to the west to fight ever war that breaks out. Im sick of the narrative. It has nothing to do with self limits.

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