• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

How Ukraine's ammunition shortage is hitting morale | DW News


Apr 15, 2023

Without arms from the West, Kyiv has no hope in retaking territory from Moscow, but its forces have a more urgent problem: …


30 thoughts on “How Ukraine's ammunition shortage is hitting morale | DW News”
  1. They have always been a disadvantage when it can to ammunition… Russian has always fired more than 3 times more round everyday since the beginning of the war. Ukraine will be run out even with The whole Europe and US backing them up. That is the hard truth.

  2. Who'd have thought. Putin turns out to be the number one NATO recruiter AND is now supplying the Ukraine with ammo.
    Maybe ole "Vlad" isn't quite as evil as we thought. Nah, he's evil. Just not the best ches player.

  3. and here my friends is the reason i have trust issues when it comes to news i didn t use to have such a lack of trust but now i am thinking what else are we lied about ?

  4. Schrodinger's NATO simultaneously winning/losing this conflict depending on the week and what news outlet is reporting. But let me tell you this, the good guys usually dont car bomb philosephers killing civilians on accident and statue bomb bloggers 8n coffee shops.

  5. When we were low on ammunition in Ramadi Iraq I don't seem to remember any news people coming to interview us. This is Joe Biden's let him pay for it.

  6. So Russia has more weapons than the Ukraine, rest of Europe and USA combined. The real question should be that how long Ukraine can sustain in these conditions. I mean if Russia is firing 4 times the shells then it mean it has more weapons and manufacturing capacity not to mention more soldiers to sustain this for for years and years. Look what they did with germany in WW2, they teared the off and them took back whole.

  7. Those Wagner PMC guys are pretty badass to win Backhmut with only Combat Shovels to fight with…LOL, Wagner is going to trade in its SledgeHammer for a Combat Shovel as its symbol….

  8. Its OK, just another excuse for the Money Grubbing Conman Zelensky to send tens of thousands more Ukrainian GOYIM to their deaths as long as the Shekels keep going into his Bank accounts in Israel,,,,,,Oy Vey iz Mir.

  9. Jesus Christ called people everywhere to repent, so if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe with all your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved and inherit the kingdom of heaven and eternal life. To this, people would accept Jesus Christ in life in their hearts and told other people how Good he is, how he saves, heals and frees and gives eternal life for freе 5

  10. Maybe they should have better prepared for this eventuality…

    The US gave Ukraine years of advance warning.

    We’re not your babysitter… Face the consequences of your inaction…

  11. Oh by the way the reports of Russia slaughtering Ukrainians a whole lot more than Russians are suffering is true as the news organizations were lying to you about Russia losing. Russia can and more than likely will win this war.

  12. Yesterday I sow a short movie ,with ukrainian tank who shot 12 15 shells at close range ,25 m, in 5 6 russian soldiers in trenches. I think that is a waste of ammo , that was a job for machinegunner after 2 3 shells ,not 15 ! No wonder they asked all the time ammo .

  13. wasting ammo. if they had air superiority and precision strikes they wouldnt need to use so much indirect fires. sigh. end it and stop playing tit for tat, "yOuR aCtIoNs WiLl HaVe PrOpOrTiOnAl CoNsEqUeNcEs" bs. why break the door when you can PICK THE LOCK

  14. I remember last year west said that russia is out of AMMO. Now 400 days gone and they are shelling 4 to 1. Hope one day western media will stop lying. But that day will never come

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