• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

The Ukraine/ Russia conflict in 10 minutes

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17 thoughts on “The Ukraine/ Russia conflict in 10 minutes”
  1. For the #Ukraine episode I needed a address this topic, but I soon found out there was no possible way I could fit even a fraction of the complicated topic in the episode without taking a super long time. Therefore I had to make this separate video as a reference guide that will be referred to in the episode. Thanks to the subscribers that helped me with information. Of course not everything ws mentioned so if you'd like to add anything feel free to put it in the comments.

  2. First. It's not a conflict. This is a war to destroy the sovereign and peaceful state of Ukraine. Second. You don't need 10 minutes, I'll tell you in 5 seconds: putin and the ruzzians want Ukraine to cease to exist. End. And it always has been like that.

  3. No, never friends again. By „freeing” our country they ment the horror and the terror that they brought. So many r@pes, so much violence we’ve not even experienced in the 2nd World War.

  4. This should have ended with Russia sucker punching Ukraine in the face. The video makes it seem that both countries are equally at fault in this conflict. While the arguments of both sides may hold some water here, in the end, Russia crossed a line when they decided to use violence. It's like having a couple debate which of them should do the dishes, when one suddenly punches the other in the face. All previous arguments sort of become irrelevant at that point.

  5. Not bad, those newly acquired Russian regions will be better of economically (Russia is rebuilding them now btw), said by many of my Ukrainian friends before they got shelled at 5am on Feb 24th 2022……………..

  6. I'll tell you something interesting as a Russian. One of Putin's primary points of view is about "family ties". That we need to keep that family connection together and do not let some western propaganda ruin our children's understanding of life. However. This exact thing about connecting families destroyed way more families than it was supposed to save and unite. Elderly people trying to be loyal to their roots cuz that's what they were told their entire life in USSR and the youth trying to speak about the rights of people and freedom. Sad, innit?

  7. I will tell you guys more as an Ukrainian – until 24th February, it was all grey zone in Ukraine-russian relationship and most of the Ukraine wouldn't even think that russia would in fact attack in full-scale fashion… like the eastern conflict was already dying and there were very little casualties compared to 2014. I personally thought that this putin's armies' movement near the border is nothing but a show off like it was in 2021 and that nothing would actually happen, because "come on we are after all so close neighbors, almost everyone has relatives over the border and have visited the neighbor country, we have a lot of similarities in a culture due to a long history together" and etc. But what putler did turned to be shocking for many and opening eyes in Ukraine for real, me as well. Like he has ben already perceived as a tsar from Ukrainians – never leaving his throne and making everyone in russia to follow his command – but we never thought he would become someone like fuhr3r in one western country almost a hundred years ago – for russians (which he did, using the same excuses and practices to start capturing Ukraine like adolf did with Eastern European countries before and in WW2). I personally have some relatives in russia as well as friends, but this war just damaged the relationships between the nations for a half of a century in the future, at least. And maybe this will be over and not remembered with such harsh (like we don't hate German now) but it would be remembered for sure.

    Edit: Almost forgot… what it being told on russian propaganda news and Ukrainian is different, of course, and seeing what they feed to their people about the events happening makes me think – what if they did the same and lied as much in the past? It makes you to think and rethink about the history you know and how the relationships were shown (whenever russians were shown as a good guys), what if that was the same kind of straight lies?

  8. As a Crimean, I was underwhelmed by the video. It again talks about what makes more sense or which UN member state has more legitimacy to impose their rule, completely discrediting the locals with their distinct history and cultural identity…

  9. as an Ukkrainian I say, I don't believe russians at all, after they attacked shop center 'Amstor' in my city, then Putin said that there was military vehicles inside of the Amstor, that is totally lying, I know better that the Amstor worked as usual last its days.

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