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Ukraine War: How significant are Russian nukes in Belarus?


Apr 15, 2023

Retired Air Vice-Marshal Sean Bell explains the significance of Russia’s decision to station nuclear weapons in Belarus.


39 thoughts on “Ukraine War: How significant are Russian nukes in Belarus?”
  1. 02/27/2023, as a result of explosions at the Machulishchi airfield near Minsk, a Russian AWACS A-50 military aircraft was damaged. Carriers of hypersonic missiles "Kinzhal" usually take off from the Machulishchi airfield to bombard the territory of Ukraine. In this war, Belarus, represented by its leader Lukashenko, is an accomplice of the aggressor Russia. Is it legitimate, on the part of Russia, taking into account the conduct of military operations by it, to move nuclear weapons to the territory of Belarus? After all, unforeseen situations can happen with this weapon, in war conditions, for example, such as happened with the Russian AWACS A-50 aircraft, and this can lead to an environmental disaster in the region.

  2. Россия должна украинцам прощение… вторжение без причины, без агрессии. 260 тысяч погибших. Это Путин начал эту войну. Не верьте лжи российской пропаганды.

  3. When the US skillfully and quickly destroy the Western economy. Econom policy of Green AU: Special madness – preparation for war with China, war with the Kremlin, as well as their "struggle" for the cooling of 510 million square kilometers of the globe – an impending disaster for the population of AU. Penny: "The party plans to abandon its 'dependence' on trade with China and find new partners." And How ? Idiocy. Australia is trapped, in a noose around the neck of the leading role of the green parties and their ideology in the AU. Personal characteristics – demagogy and unprofessionalism of their leaders … The goal is unambiguous – the destruction of the economy of the AU on the basis of the "Green Program Party" launched in 1932 in the Wehrmacht. AU green by the way strictly follows the frenzy of Green NEO N Germany. It's time to bury the economy there.
    Clowns AU gov act strictly against the interests of the population and common sense.

  4. AU NEO-N is not clear that the war in Ukraine should immediately stop on Putin's terms. To save a couple of billion people from starvation and save the economy of the West. Anyone supplying Ukrainians in the US war against the Kremlin is a criminal. Discount in liability for gov AU to participate in the war against the Kremlin / against their own economy AU and only / due to complete ignorance, idiocy.

  5. This move is to secure Belarus as part of Russia, remember that Lukashenko was blocking unification with Russia untill his pepole rebelled against him, the whole ramble from Lukashenko is to make his own pepole look the other way while he is selling his country out for slow fully anexation by Russia.

  6. Can't believe that this channel is still inviting this guy on for analysis. "Russia's few frinds" ? Yeah Sean, most of the plannet actually! Who on Earth would buy a used car from this guy ?

  7. Russains and Chinese would be in better position if they set up nukes pointed to Pentagon in Mexico, Cuba and Canada.
    After all, what's to worry about?
    The US has them in Europe anyway, so a bit of balance keeps everyone in check.
    Pretty sad state of affairs for us humans.
    Could've achieved so much, but that deep seated curse for power and control within humans will ultimately lead to our destruction as species.

  8. Europe( UK, France, Germany, etc) and the USA are the critical enemies of both Ethiopia and Russia and the Orthodox Church so we Africans are on the stand for Putin to defeat the US-led NATO!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Это очень похоже на нацистскую Германию. Путин становится Распутиным и разрушает Россию.

  10. It's quite hard to believe that these so called professionals/analysts actually do believe what they're saying.
    I'm not pro-Putin, or pro-Russia or against Ukraine, but for ffs, what Putin said, was correct: no one wins in a f*cking nuclear war. And the West keeps provoking exactly that. The invasion/war/special military operation would have been over in a week if not the Western support (of a no-purpose war).
    Is Russia struggling? The BRICS nations are already winning economically (because of the sanctions imposed on Russia, there's an expansion now).

    Why does this war have to be continued? Why is it, that the West does not want peace? Why?

  11. Everyone, please Take a look at this hypocrite- who opposed NATO missiles inside Ukraine. But used neighbour Belarus to invade Ukraine, and is now also planning to deploy Nuclear weapons.

    If hypocrisy is a man then it must be named VLADIMIR PUTIN.

  12. I don't think this is really about the nukes at all, other than more sabre rattling towards the West and his pathetic 'response' to our government in the UK sending those depleted uranium anti tank shells to Ukraine. Calling those weapons nuclear is like calling a bag of flour a cake lol. I am sure the primary reason for this move is actually to give Russia more jurisdiction inside Belarus in order to help Russia eventually absorb the puppet state back under the Russian flag. Putin doesn't need to fight Belarus in order to reclaim the ex Soviet nation, Belarus is pretty much already Russia, Lukashenko has NO say on how the country is governed, Putin says, he does. This move will allow Russian intelligence more powers inside Belarus, and generally give Putin more power in the country.

  13. America has Nukes in Germany, turkey and great Britain and probably other countries , if Russia has them in Belarus that's no different

  14. The USA has done something foolish. They have withdrawn from quite a few nuclear agreements and they have also sited nuclear weapons in 5 different European countries .. compared to an intended 1 by Russia (not done yet). This follows news that the UK is going to give Ukraine DEPLETED URANIUM MUNITIONS WHICH ARE CANCEROUS, CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS AND REPRODUCTIVE PROBLEMS .. I am pondering, is hipocrasy a sign of evil or is it a sign of stupidity ?

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