• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

As China’s foreign minister Qin Gang said his country must advance its relations with Russia as the world becomes more turbulent …


38 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Zelenskyy vows to hold Bakhmut as Russians close in”
  1. China is fairweather and goes to where it pleases them. China over the years have proven time and time again that China can never be trusted two faced. China without a doubt is supplying weapons to Russia even if they have to change the stamp.


  3. Ukraine has been holding out for the arrival of new equipment, which is in the process of being delivered. The 81 Stryker vehicles are crossing into Ukraine right now, and will help slaughter the Russian fascists when they arrive on the front lines. Ukraine has also received the 1-ton guided bomb system, which has already wiped out some fascist Russian control posts. Plus tanks and aircraft are on the way.

  4. "..Chinese press conference are not the same as they are across in the west, they are all PRE-AGREED QUESTIONS, the ANSWERS ARE ALL SCRIPTED…"
    So basically a normal Biden pressconference…

    Wjat a joke that is idiot McGee over there…

  5. Russias goal is not to take so much land as possible so fast they can. Instead Russias goal is to annihilate and destroy as much as possible of the ukrainian army. Russia bomb and using missiles, and bomb and using missiles, and bomb and using missiles – then the russian army goes in and clear up. That means that ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries are dying. Therefore Russia using time and are not loosing so many soldiers – because they are bombing, bombing and bombing, before they use their soldiers.

  6. Has China or any organizations connected to China provided Russia with billions of dollars in funds and military equipment? There is plenty of news about the world helping Ukraine. So who is helping Russia now or is China just showing concern for a neighbor? Devil’s Advocate. Honest question.

  7. Seems to me that US is more than ready to go into hot war with China better 2023 than any year later. It is like 1914 – kein Jahr länger zuwarten. Russia, China and US all have problems, all want war.


    Why Is Erdogan Blocking NATO Enlargement?

    There are at least four possible reasons why Erdogan decided to block Finland and Sweden’s effort to join NATO. The straightforward explanation is that Ankara means what it says. Turkey raised objections about the way that especially Sweden handles groups like the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), classified as terrorists by the European Union and the United States, as well as groups and individuals that only Turkey considers terrorists, like followers of the preacher Fetullah Gülen. There is a sizeable and influential Kurdish diaspora in Sweden, and there are regular demonstrations where PKK flags are displayed openly. Swedish anti-terrorist laws have until recently been rather toothless, whereas freedom of speech laws are particularly expansive, so flag-waiving is generally not prohibited. Ankara views this as Sweden allowing PKK propaganda and claims, with some justification, that the PKK conducts fundraising and recruitment among the Swedish diaspora.

    Second, the veto benefits Erdogan politically. He is facing a tough reelection campaign in the run-up to this summer’s elections. The PKK issue has deep resonance with large segments of the Turkish population that Erdogan and his allied ultranationalist party—the Nationalist Action Party (MHP)—need to woo. Taking a stand against European countries perceived to be too lax on terror, therefore, resonates with a domestic audience.

    Third, Ankara wants F-16 fighter jets and associated modernization kits from the United States after having been kicked out of the consortium producing the more modern F-35 joint strike fighter due to Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile system. Holding up NATO enlargement could also be an attempt to secure that deal or, more ambitiously, to persuade the United States to rethink its policy towards the Syrian Kurdish militias that Turkey views as branches of the PKK.

    Fourth and finally, the person who stands to gain most from Ankara’s veto on NATO enlargement is Vladimir Putin. While the Turkish-Russian relationship is complex and involves a great deal of tension, the Russian leader has leverage over Ankara. Turkey has advertised another military incursion into Kurdish-led areas in northern Syria, but since the areas in question are patrolled by Russian or Russian-allied Syrian troops, this de facto requires Russian approval. Russia also provides Turkey with energy and is building a nuclear reactor in Akkuyu, for which it recently provided Turkey with much-needed new financing, and the two countries are in discussion over a possible deferral of Turkish loan payments. Erdogan has been pursuing an increasingly transactional foreign policy in recent years, and by halting NATO enlargement he is giving Putin what he wants, by design or coincidence.

  9. Ukrainians are waging war for their land, and Russians are waging war against the Ukrainian ethnic group. The advantage of the Russians is that they are aware of the inter-ethnic nature of this war, whereas the Ukrainians are not. Not understanding the true nature of this war is the main vulnerability of Ukrainians. Because the interethnic war goes far beyond the limits of hostilities – it is a war of identities. Journalist and political scientist Vitaly Portnikov repeatedly emphasized this: "The Ukrainian state will be where the Ukrainian identity will be spread. The territory where the Ukrainian identity will not prevail will gravitate towards Russia, and sooner or later these territories will become parts of the Russian Federation." /Народний Оглядач/ Look "Why Ukrainians arent Russians" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofHYe5UZCOc

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