• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

These images reportedly show Ukrainian forces annihilating a column of Russian tanks. The footage was reportedly filmed near …


32 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces destroy column of Russian 'Z' tanks in Donetsk”
  1. What the hell communicate like Russian China and Korea still holl by they're hand of government long long until they die don't let onather one control

  2. Russia should hire the freedom fighters and patriots the Taliban. They proved themselves worthy opponents defeating the combined armies of NATO, USA and the European Union after 20 years.

  3. Сколько расистов собралось. Всё идёт в плачевном направлении – они с мягких диванов радуются, что русских бьют. Свора, она и есть свора.

  4. After the first Gulf War I commented that I wouldn't want to be a Russian tank salesman. Still wouldn't. Go Ukrain! Wish we would send some F15's, F16's, A10's, F1 11's, AC130's, and AH64's.Old but capable

  5. well done Ukraine. I think this war is a pivotable moment in the history of warfare. tanks and armored vehicles have lost their relevance. like soldiers matching towards the enemy machine guns in WW1. now a new drone warfare has risen. Drones may be more feared by the enemy than a tank and tanks now fear drones

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