• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Russia has fired at least six hypersonic missiles into Ukraine. These missiles are called Kinzhals or daggers, and they are …


32 thoughts on “Gravitas | Russia-Ukraine War: Russia uses hypersonic missiles in Ukraine”
  1. Гиперзвук,мы для вас припасли,чтобы всякую дрянь вычистить,помимо гиперзвука,у нас есть другие подарочки для нацистов,да и для вас,ждите

  2. Are hypersonic missiles any better than conventional missiles agains immovable targets like buildings? They are best used against movable targets or against missile protected cities, why Russia using those expensive missiles agains stand still targets without iron dome or similar protection?? Either their stock amount of hypersonic missiles is way too huge or they are running out of conventional missiles

  3. Father, I ask that you wrap your arms around our Brother’s and Sister’s in the Ukraine this morning.. Please talk to them and bring guidance into their lives with your Word.. Father, I ask that you please watch over them and protect them from any harm.. Father, I ask that you please bring healing into their lives, healing from any injuries, healing from the hurt, pain, and sadness, healing from worry and anxiety, healing from depression and grief, healing from anything else that may bring harm to their body and homes.. Father, I ask that you please bring healing, comfort, and peace to their mind and heart for their loss.. I ask that you please remove the sadness and replace it with happiness, love, laughter and tears of joy for the memories made and for the memories they can make in Heaven.. Father, I ask that you please provide for any assistance or needs that they may have and I ask that you please bring blessings into their lives so that they may be a blessing for others.. In Jesus name, I pray.. Amen!!!

  4. Wanna know the truth? Russia hit the NATO base this March that was in Ukraine for 10 years against all proclamations. Nato doesn't talk about it because it were always their decisions and forces, not ukranian. It is NATO against Russia. Ukrain is just a cannon fodder for US and EU to fight against Russia and China.

  5. I understand ukraine is selling the guns and things we have sent over there 2on the blackmarket. Let's get out. We need money here. We have a town that's been poisoned. And the government let them be poison. about time we take care of America. We need to take care of America. No Vietnam.!!!

  6. Zelensky leadership is unparalleled … Despite entire west asking him to pull out of Bakhmut's months back …. man decided not to give even a small moral booster to Russia by holding on to bakhmut despite everyone saying it has zero strategic important in war. … bakhmut is going long way in breaking Russian morale and will

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