• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Putin’s men unleash Gvozdika ‘Carnation’ Howitzer on Ukraine troops in Donetsk | Watch


Apr 16, 2023

After Kherson, intense fighting continues in the Donetsk region. Here Russian 2S1 Gvozdika Howitzer continues to rain fury on …


39 thoughts on “Putin’s men unleash Gvozdika ‘Carnation’ Howitzer on Ukraine troops in Donetsk | Watch”
  1. Puttin will never succeed in this war. Because United States of America is on the other side. But this war will continue for a decade or more. Just like in Afghanistan.

  2. All caused by purchased Zelensky and USA propagsnda in underwriting Its military & economic intent globally, of which all wars initiated by the USA for the last 60 years, are witness to. With the BLACKROCK CRIMINAL DYNASTY owned and run by global Billionares, in charge of the current USA Democrat Political Party. Concomitantly, engaged in the process to install their Autocratic First World Order. The Globe population should take note. With China involved, as member of BLACKROCK CRIMINAL DYNASTY, to in near future, start invasion of Taiwan and Neighbouring Countries.

  3. I don't know why these channel is using Russian propaganda and what is the motive of Indian government to show how well invaders have invaded or show their inferior weapon which we have brought from russia

  4. Kherspn is gone from putler's hands. Soon all Ukraine will be freed from the aggressor.

    The joke is on someone else, and not the 'joker', as that was a just a job then.

    Now, it's freedom of a country that matters, and the fight for democratic values.

  5. These retreats of Russia are the same style that Mohammad Ali used during his professional fighting career he would retreat to the ropes , and waited as his opponent would come in raging He just waited as his opponent tired himself, then with a couple well timed punches the fight is over Period

  6. These shots are from March/April by the way — Russia has long run out of these missiles. Russia is doing SO WELL that they retreated from yet another position today (Kherson.) I suppose they are retreating their way to victory perhaps? To be beat by a nation 1/10th your size with 1/10th your manpower is humiliating. Just reward for Russia's genocidal invasion.

  7. The war will go on for years using NATO who should not be there . Unless the dumb Nato troops are destroyed or the dumb Yankee troops take a big hit . That includes dumb Brit troops who have no brains and like lickingyankeearse like the useless Brit politicians .

  8. TOS – A1 heavy flamethrower rockets using incendiary rounds or maybe thermobaric rounds. Why not just use chlorine trifluoride which is actually a terrifying incendiary gas that can actually cause asphalt, human beings, etc to burst into flames made by Nazi Germany regime itself.

  9. Everything on one side. And a clown running Ukraine on the other. That alone pisses me off so much. This dude was a clown comedian before Israel decided to make him a leader for God sake.

    Does anybody else see a problem with that or is it just me?! Zelenskyy looks lost. It’s a matter of days that the KGB tracks him down and takes him out. The clown is fighting a bunch of generals who somehow survived the Afghan Mujahiddeen in the 70s.

  10. The way Russian fight in this war is completely inhumane and shameful. If they were a man, a hero let them go and fight in the battlefield. Why throwing artillery and rocket from safe distance. I am not a fan of Ukraine nor Russia and as my country (India) stand neutral I amm to. But HT is completely a bias channel and many appraise Russia. There may be a hundred and thousand of accord/agreement, but territorial integrity of any country must be respected.

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