• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Russia-Ukraine war Live: Have a look at military vehicles and equipment used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces since Russia …


11 thoughts on “Russia-Ukraine war: Ukrainian Armed Forces in action against Russian soldiers | WION Live”
  1. America NATO supplying sophisticated & advance weaponry to Ukraine.. But who will operate it, all are not trained or experts, in handling also manpower is depleting.
    Only NATO army can operate and do maintenance. Are NATO army in action as Ukrainian soldiers?

  2. The escalation of the conflict in Ukraine is a direct result of Russian politics and decisions. Instead of achieving its intended outcome, the situation has resulted in Ukraine becoming awash with new weapons, and NATO has expanded its borders. This has come at a great cost to many Russian speakers on both sides of the conflict. Those who bear the responsibility for this are a handful of Russians, including Patrusjev, Bortnikov, Sjojgu, and Putin. Their decisions have had a catastrophic impact on the region.

  3. Only god coud make thing in thinghappen in this world for the good for of the people of of this world i tnks god that he sshow this president puttin that thier is man beter than him an that man no man president coid go against him god god always no wat he dóos

  4. Why Mr. Putin has been keeping atom bombs in the godown if it has no use in the critical time??? Before using nuclear weapons by Russia America and its allies will use nuclear weapons first.

  5. So many people just don't see it, Russia mercenaries wagner has turn this Bakhmut into an ATM.
    For their better income are head count hunted. That's why it takes so long.

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