• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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37 thoughts on “Russians who sought to fire at Ukrainian troops from the trench, were targeted themselves”
  1. Never knew that those russians soldiers in the trench were such great smokers unitl they started churning such huge column of smoke !. What russian cigarrettes these orcs are smoking on ?

  2. Why can’t some one explain why 600k Ukraines troops could not push the Russian military consisting of 80k combat troops out of the Ukraine since 2014. It’s 2022 come one and grow a scrote

  3. if nato didn't supply so much weapons to these poor ukrainians giving them false hope, this war would of been over with far less death. but sadly this was not to be. How much dept has ukraine ammased during this war, and how much death?

  4. This. I believe to be practice. Notice when the Camera Zooms in on the one soldier there is no movement in the trench. Only when the Camera looks away & then comes back is he in a different position. But all is to Still. No movement Absolutely. Looks to be staged. Idk. Maybe it’s just me. Look closely. You be the Judge. Cool Music though.

  5. the Russian people need to overthrow Putin's kleptocracy and their religious leader Kirill who is openly condoning the war crimes of Putin and Russian army against humanity – I believe all the European Orthodox leaders have distanced themselves and condemned Kirill but the Russian people need to revolt more to save themselves from this idiotic tyranny that is killing their young men for no reason other than to satisfy the insane ego of despot Putin

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