• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023
41 thoughts on “The artillery war in Ukraine”
  1. Seeing all the ancient tanks being sent to the front should be viewed as a major opportunity for Ukraine. The Intel says the Russian army is preparing to use the tanks 100mm guns as improvised artillery while their artillery barrels are being reworked. I think a large scale push is in the works for Ukraine this spring

  2. In the early '80s operating the Q36 radar system is what my job was in the 82nd Airborne Div, Ft. Bragg, NC. We were told we had a 17 second life expectancy. Target Acquisition was very high on the list of things the enemy wants to destroy.

  3. Australian's figured this out a long time ago . Its called Poop and scoot . Get a landrover ( or any 4wd vehicle ) towing a 75mm Howitzer . Unload , set up , Fire 3 rounds , break down , rehook , GTFO . Your rounds land , their counter battery fire hits nothing .

  4. There are exceptions to this case, at least from the m777 and 155mm rounds. The first being the Excalibur (since it doesn’t need to be fired in a ballistic arc), and the second is extended range rounds with their own rocket motors…

  5. Omg if I was thier I'd do something to take them all out kinda think out of the box arm the rocket with emp that's the end of their enmie omg I hope they could get this message yepper that's what I would do good luck guys

  6. RU is putting up 60-100k artillery shots per day this includes missiles. To put it in perspective every day for a year so far RU has put up more shots than the US put up during the the entire gulf war. They are showing no signs of slowing down.

  7. Absolutely not true. Russia is no peer for Ukraine. Means Ukraine created the Apps GIS Arta and Kropyva. The App does distribute the fire mission across SPG, Mortar, Howitzer and Grad launchers. So a flurry of radar signals from different directions does rain down on the enemy and confuse enemy counter-artillery radar. Russia is totally lacking the digital age satellite equipment and secure comms equipment for that. In such a duel Ukraine does always first-strike and first or second hit. Russia never gets the 3rd or 4th shot out they need once the mass-volume saturation is stopped by HIMARS strikes on ammo dumps at railheads. Once they can have precise superior range one logistics targets, this is NOT near peer anymore. Russia can get 2 shells out at a fields mud patch from a couple of batteries. Ukraine will then take out a couple of these Russian pieces.

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