• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

We are close to the end of the year but it has been 10 long months since Russia invaded Ukraine. Even after witnessing defeat in …


44 thoughts on “Ukraine-Russia War: Ukraine works to restore power after Russian missiles batter grid | Latest |WION”
  1. Ukraine has no ability to restore power, how can you restore power when the infrastructure is blown to smithereens, answer you can't, you freeze and starve in the dark.

  2. Ukraine has a lot of factories that another country need. Of we isolate Russian and help more for Ukraine, economics of a lot of countries will be better. It is even cheaper to use Ukraine not Russia

  3. Every country are been hurted because of Putin ideologist. He is making the similar mistake to Gilter in 1941. We all need to help Ukraine stop Russia, even because of economic

  4. It is necessary to provide Ukraine with maximum assistance against Russia's terrorist actions.
    Civilians and the country's economy as a whole must not be allowed to suffer!

  5. Bombing power plants in Ukraine is a method of terrorists. Russia cannot win on the battlefield and therefore tries to launch terrorist attacks against the civilian population

  6. There is no point in negotiating with terrorists.
    Aid to Ukraine is the only way to defeat Putin's regime.
    In addition, it is obvious to everyone that aid is effective. Together we will defeat Russia!

  7. The system of energy supply of Ukraine was created under the USSR, taking into account the likelihood of nuclear war.
    it can be restored very quickly if the necessary funds are available

  8. Just because you are born in Ukraine does not make you Ukrainian. I was born and raised in the Soviet Union Odesa Ukraine. We are culturally Russian and identify with our Russian roots and part of the Russian Orthodox Church. There are over 4.5 million Russians in Ukraine who identify culturally or ethnically Russian.

    Lastly Zelenskyy promised to fight corruption but ended up becoming millionaire .. and now Ukraine oilgarchs are no different than russias

  9. As someone from a western country, many Russians moved here. We love our Russian neighbors here. Beautiful, strong and hard working people. But if Russian government refuses to negotiate peace. If they insist on invading, “ annexing”, stealing, and destroying democracies, we must blow the country off the face of the earth of the invasions will never stop and the death of our democratic Allie’s will never stop.

  10. Congratulations to Jens Stoltenberg for doing such a sterling job. His outstanding records are out there for all to see. Ukraine is in near ruins. Europe is struggling to deal with the ever escalating energy costs, and even falling into a recession. The entire world is blessed by the war too. Now he is getting two more countries to join NATO. His portfolio is growing, and he has added China as NATO's enemy. He should be so proud.

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