• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley has warned that it’s unlikely Ukraine will achieve victory this year …


18 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Is it unlikely Ukraine will achieve victory this year?”
  1. This guy knows as much as another guy propping up the counter down in the pub.
    Following the bombardment with munitions from the West and others from Russia, a mere chess piece of the U.S. will be razed to the ground and neutered.
    Should've kept their word and honoured the agreement.

  2. Can Ukraine push out the Russians from occupied territories. Only hypocrite and naive people will think so. I think these kind of conversations are for the West and not the global south

  3. When we say "Ukraine" we mean USA Joe Biden's administration don't we ? I mean how does Ukraine have any economy or ability to do anything ? It's all funded by Joe Biden's administration isn't it?

  4. Western media has said that each Russian soldier has been killed three times. Russia focus is to reduce Ukraine manpower and then launch a major offensive. Leopard and Challenger tanks are irrelevant as they are easily seen and destroyed. Remember Leopard tanks were easily taken out by Syrian soldiers using basic portable weapons.

  5. Ukraine will NEVER win! Doesnt matter the amount of money USA pours into that black hole aka Judas Zelenskys pockets, it will mostly end up in his account in the Caymans. Russia will level ukr to the ground. Its a war between USA-Russia, washington is using them poor ukrainians as cannon fodder…next come the naive poles…

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