• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

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  1. So proud I helped in a small capacity with the development of the 982 Excalibur. Was told it would help keep down friendly casualities in close artillery support operations. I didnt realize it was so good at killing entire command posts and Russian officers. Goody,goody ! Shout out to the guys from Raytheon . Great job !

  2. No matter how much material they have, they still need enough personel to handle it and they have also taken big loss of exsperienset personel.

  3. Pure U.S – NATO Propaganda…..The Truth Is the Ukrainian army has suffered catastrophic losses and is struggling to replace the experienced officers with competent personnel. As General Konashenkov noted, Ukraine is now acting desperately by “forcibly mobilizing” residents of the Donbas still under their control. This is not a recipe for success. Coerced civilians are not magically transformed into frontline super soldiers just because Zelensky declares it so.

  4. Good on Elon Musk's StarLink system. Bet the Russians wish they had the Uber delivery system in their country now? Lol…
    Sorry Russia, no Uber Eats for you! Haha…

  5. The invaders are taking casualties but in the Donbas they are dishing out a lot of casualties with concentrated artillery fire.

    The Ukrainian need thousands of switch blade 600 to destroy the Russian artillery and MLRS if they want to win in the Donbas they can't afford a grinding battle of attrition

  6. When this attack first happened they killed between 100-150 Russian soldiers(believable). A couple reports later it’s was 450-500(believable). Now it’s 1000-1500 Russian Soldiers killed. By the time the war is over they will have killed 100,000 soldiers in this attack. I was always taught in the military to take 1/10 of the number and that will be accurate

  7. This is dumb and full of lies and exaggerations. Propaganda like this isn’t doing Ukraine any favors, why not just tell the truth and acknowledge their accomplishments? Instead of embellishing everything from their weapons and equipment to the amount of kills they’ve had.

  8. 1000-1500 soldiers?? Where did you hear that? It’s more around 300-400 wounded/KIA. What kind of bullshit are you pedaling? Exaggerating and embellishing the Ukrainian efforts and accomplishments is only doing them a disservice. If you think Ukraine killed 1/10th of the total number of Russians killed so far in a single attempted river crossing, you’re sadly mistaken. Take the 400 and be happy with that, it’s really impressive and a great accomplishment, lying about it just brings doubt to its validity.

  9. OK 2.21 ——— Ukraine is LOSING the WAR in the Donbas because Ukraine does not have enough 25-mile long-range 155mm Artillery guns like the M-777, and M-198 towed guns!!! With only about 100 M-777 Towed artillery Guns from America and the West at this time, Ukraine can only equip "15" of the "100+ BTGs" (Battalion Tactical Groups) Ukraine now has… While the 50 new BTGs they are creating with Recruits that Enlisted the first weeks of War, now on Combat Training Maneuvers are lacking any credible Support Artillery and are just plain out of luck unless America supplies guns for them… The Problem Ukraine now has is that the Russians and the Ukrainians both equip most of their troops with the same D-30 short 10-mile range, terribly inaccurate, pitifully small shelled 122mm guns. ONLY the Russians have 2,000 D-30 122mm guns which is far more than the Ukrainians can ever get… Allowing Russia to mass enough guns in a short battlefront to completely flood and destroy the Ukrainian fortified lines and troops any time they Please. And Ukraine using the few D-30 guns they have against Russian massed numbers of Guns trying to defend themselves… Are incapable of destroying more than a few Russian D-30s before getting knocked out themselves… This is why Ukraine need guns with a long enough range to destroy the masses of Russian Guns before they can be Concentrated to Destroy Ukrainian lines, troops and Cities… This means that each Ukrainian BTG must have a Battery of long-range 155mm guns… Without more Western 155mm guns, the Russians using their massive numbers advantage of short-ranged D-122 guns will deluge and overpower short slices of the Front, Quickly Decimating Ukrainian Lines, troops and Cities with Impunity, killing more and more of Ukraine's Irriplacable Troops and Civilians in Cities every day!!! As they take over Ukraine and turn Ukraine into a SLAVE State YET AGAIN-!!!

    K ———– The Problem is that ONLY America has the extra, unused, unneeded by America, (Because of America's Massive advantage in Airpower), the Numbers of 155mm Guns needed to Send to Ukraine to equip all of Ukraine's current and future BTGs…!!! As all the other Western nations have already given as many 155mm guns as they can spare, and to put it simply… They have No MORE guns to Give!!!

    K1 ——— Luckily America has 1,000 light long-range M-777 and about 500 heavy long-range M-198 guns sitting in U.S. Storage Depots. Guns that Russia can not MACH in Range or Destructive Power!!! ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED GUNS is enough to equip All of Ukraine's BTGs… With the replaced D30-122mm guns given to Ukraine's Civilian TDBs (Territorial Defense Brigades), that are not able to go head to head against Russian troops at this time as they have no Artillery. No matter how well they are trained in Gorilla and Infantry Tactics…

    K2 ——– Only with every Current and Future Ukraine BTG (Battalion Tactical Group) equipped with America's light M-777 and its heavy brother the M-198 155mm guns with ranges of 25+-miles, Can Ukraine ever HOPE to STOP the Russians… Only America has and can LEND Ukraine the Numbers of long Range 155mm Artillery Guns they need to Stop the Russians and WIN This WAR!!!

    K3 ——– Please write and call your House and Senate Congressmen to demand that America send Ukraine All of America's 1,000 retired M-777 and 500 M-198 guns to Ukraine to STOP PUTIN! Stop the Russian Guns from destroying Ukraine's Cities! Stop the Russian troops from murdering Ukrainian civilians! And END this War… NOW!!!!

  10. Superweapon ….. didn't stop the red hordes capturing Mariupol nor soon to be cities in the Donbass where Ukraine is going to lose huge numbers. The Russians greatest asset is Zelensky ….. Mr Putin just loves it that Ukraine has a crack snorting vodka guzzling dimwit in charge meddling in military matters making out he is a tactical genius. With him in charge how can Russia lose.

  11. Russia is bleeding because of this "system". It seems like Russia do not have the digital capacity, or the material capacity. Is Russia still a third world country in regards of military's might? I thought they where updated! Ukraine war tells a different story… Latest news, now they want a dialog with eastern countries. India, Pakistan, China etc. Is Russia a failing military power, depending of other countries? I thought they where invincible

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