• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

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30 thoughts on “Ukrainian fighters protect Bakhmut in such difficult conditions- in trench filled with water and mud”
  1. Вот она настоящая война – это вам не кино!!! Вот Настоящие Солдаты Своей Родины – Вы Красиво в Голливуде снимаете кино – Очень и Мультфильмы, но этого снять не сможите НИКОГДА!!!

  2. All the dead Ukrainians and the cities that were destroyed, who will be responsible? I'm really confused…. if Russia acts indifferently. Putin was before only a taxi driver why he does like this.

  3. Береги Вас Господь,Любимые,Драгоценные ЗАЩИТНИКИ Украины и всего мира! Поклон ВАМ,ДРАГОЦЕННЫЕ ВОИНЫ,ДО ЗЕМЛИ! Перемога совсем близко!

  4. Ukrainian women are safe in the West, in dry and warm accomodations, performing their new jobs and restarting their romance lives with western men, while their unfortunate husbands are risking their lives in the battlefront and getting sick in the filthy trenches on a daily basis.

  5. respects just imagine beaing in this trenches and not know what's around the corner and in this conditions only for my country and I guess that's why they too dont care and are fighting for it Slava ukrainie

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