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Has the war in Ukraine changed Russia? – BBC News


Apr 17, 2023 , ,

As Russia prepares for the New Year holidays, the BBC’s Russia Editor Steve Rosenberg takes to the streets of Moscow to see …


24 thoughts on “Has the war in Ukraine changed Russia? – BBC News”
  1. 100 Years of Communism—and 100 Million Dead

    The Bolshevik plague that began in Russia was the greatest catastrophe in human history. They set in motion a chain of events that would kill millions and inflict a near-fatal wound on Western civilization.March 9, 1983 Reagan called Moscow an evil empire!

  2. bbc say it was better when this lot were killing civilians The Azov Battalionis a far-right]] all-volunteer infantry military unit forming part of military reserve of National Guard of UkraineThe unit is based in Mariupol in the Azov Sea coastal region.[9] It saw its first combat experience recapturing Mariupol from pro-Russian separatists forces in June 2014. Initially a volunteer militia, formed as the Azov Battalion on 5 May 2014 during the 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine, Azov has since been incorporated into and is armed by Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs.All members of the unit are under contract of National Guard of Ukraine.The Azov Battalion has been labelled neo-Nazi, "patriots", "a far-right Ukrainian militia" German ZDF television observed Azov battalion fighters wearing helmets with swastikas and "the 'SS runes' of Hitler's infamous black-uniformed elite corps", and on other occasions some of the soldiers have been reported to have SS tattoos. Spokesmen and other members of the Azov Battalion and government officials have denied that the organization has any neo-Nazi or white supremacist beliefs; although a spokesman did state that "10% to 20% of the group's members are Nazis". The regiment's commander and founder is Andriy Biletsky who in the past made statements about "crusade" of "White races" against "Semitic Untermenschen"]and is a leader of a Ukrainian organisation called the Social National Assembly which according to the BBC has "typical neo-Nazi narrative"] Its polished English-language social media pages and far-right ideology have attracted fighters from other locations in Europe. On 11 June 2015 the US House of Representatives passed amendments blocking any training of Azov by US forces, citing its neo-Nazi background as the reason.On 26 June, Canadian defense minister declared as well that training by Canadian forces or support would not be provided to Azovhis is the best propaganda Russia could ask for, just show this garbage

  3. Has the war in Ukraine changed me and you ? Why have energy prices in the UK gone through the roof ? Not like the UK buys oil and natural gas from Russia … could it be to make British oligarchs richer ? Of course we talk about how evil Russian oligarchs are … stealing from their own people … isn’t sunak a billionaire ? Isn’t billionaire just a synonym for oligarch ? Why not step back from Ukraine for now and tackle the degradation of quality of life in Britain ? Leave Putin alone . I mean the Israeli pm had a peace deal on the table within 8 days … (March 2022) but Boris Johnson foiled it … how sad. Maybe Boris is pure evil and Vlad is only half evil ?

  4. Shut the fridge, I was born and raised in Latvia, where I was tough that Latvian Waffen ss soldiers are heroes, and juwish people were sent in "labor camps" not death camps, I was called "dirty little Jew" by my naighbour woman, who "worked" in Salaspils death camp, and I was many times in Ukraine, so your BS about them not having neo N ideology is insulting!

  5. If the international community didn't ignore Putin for 7 years this world would not be facing ww3 he tried his best to stop Zelinsky from violating the Minsk agreement. Nobody talks about the lead up to how this happened. Ukraine is full of Nazis who were killing Russians,what would you do?

  6. The war have changed Russia to North-Korea no.2, 20 year under Putins brainwashing heel made way to many russians into Z for Zombies. Their country are ruined by their blind belief in one tiny, evil man with complexes.

  7. How can Russian citizens think their country is always right and everyone else in the world is wrong?? How many times has Russia invaded other countries? WAKE UP!!

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