• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023
25 thoughts on “Russians are destroyed in their nests – foreign fighters at work – Training”
  1. That is freaking stupid the way they are training, no wonder the Russian soldiers losing. You can't operate your rifle one handed! And, you never stand that close to anyone while clearing a structure. Wow, just wow, Russian soldiers are so badly trained.

  2. Sorry he is talking shit ! Gonna get himself and others killed ! God knows where he proclaims to have learn this crap ! Probably paintball.

  3. На камеру все красиво получается,а на практике….слезы потом крокодильи льют и поют гимн России клоуны.

  4. Ukrainian people are warriors, brave, Courageous, humble, and peace loving people. And its good to see people from all around the world volunteer to help the Ukrainian people in numerous ways. Ukrainian Forces should not stop this war until and unless Coward Putin, the leader of the world Terrorist is captured alive or dead.

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