• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Military analyst Sean Bell joins us to discuss the latest news in Bakhmut and whether or not the MiG-29 fighter jets which Slovakia …


26 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Will Slovakia's MiG-29s give Ukrainian forces an edge?”
  1. Russian technicians appear to have sabotaged MiG-29 jets headed to Ukraine, Slovakia said.

    The defects appeared only in parts the Russians worked on, the country's defense minister said.

    Slovakia offered its Soviet-era MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine late last month.

    Russian technicians appear to have sabotaged MiG-29 fighter jets headed to Ukraine, Slovakia said

    The technicians, who were working on a Slovak air base until late 2022, had access to the jets and appear to have damaged some parts ahead of their delivery to Kyiv, Ukraine's capital.

    Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad said the jets "were able to fly, but that doesn't mean they were also capable of combat," according to The Kyiv Independent.

    Nad added that the defects in the jets "appeared only in those parts accessed by Russians."

    The technicians were hired on a long-term contract to handle major repairs of the Soviet-era jets, The Kyiv Independent said.

    Nad added that Ukraine had the resources to fix the defects and get the jets fully operational.

    "They have pilots, spare parts, and a company that has worked on MiGs since the Soviet times," he said.

    Weeks ago, Slovakia and Poland pledged to send Ukraine fleets of MiG-29 fighter jets. The two NATO members said the additional airpower would help Kyiv in the war Russia started over a year.

    The Soviet-designed jets aren't much different from Ukraine's own MiG-29s, and some are useful for spare parts only, Reuters reported.

    Ukrainian officials have pushed Western countries for more modern jets such as F-16s.

    The Biden administration has repeatedly said the US isn't planning to provide fighter jets.

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  2. The harsh reality is that the UK is now just a satellite of the USA. USSR/Russia withdrew from Eastern Europe rendering NATO obsolete. USA just spends it time stirring up trouble between Europe and Russia.

  3. Since Ukrainians have shot down all Russian aircrafts, with these 4 aircrafts, surely now Ukraine will win the war, recover Crimea and reach Moscow before next winter. I love this Military analyst, he is always wrong, always clueless, I have appointed him as my personal clown.

  4. Bakhmut is very important because of the rare resources that are in those areas. These include oil, natural gas, ores and agricultural products. These resources are used to produce products and energy for the region's economy. This region is also important for infrastructure as it has several highways, railways and air transport. The region also has one of the largest ports in Ukraine, which connects the region with the rest of the country and facilitates trade with other countries. In addition, Bakhmut is important for the energy industry, as it has several power plants, which supply electricity to the region and other regions of Ukraine. For the Russians, it is important that if Ukraine wins and enters the European Union, it will not be able to benefit from these rich territories and remove the bad resources from them!!

  5. Mig-29s are excellent, to begin with. The existing pilots know these planes' capabilities. Advance and secure ground by all possible necessary means; attack and transport helicopters, long-range plus self-propelled artillery, armored transport vehicles of several different kinds, including mobile anti-aircraft armored vehicles and heavy-duty tanks, starting where the enemy isn't expecting, to encourage men, without losses. Reassure the supply corridors towards multiple simultaneous objectives. Don't let the enemy choose your battleground while having the initiative. Dear Sir: Commander-in-chief; The Hour has come. Claim for victory in God Almighty's Name! Think well. Be prudent. Have Faith. Demand strict discipline. Victory is near!

  6. As I understand. Denmark have not sold off their old F-16 fleet. No one can expect Denmark to give away all of them. Why can not other countrirs buy F-16 planes from Denmark and hand them over to Ukraine? If so, then several countries will share the financial and diplomatic burden of handing them over.

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