• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

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31 thoughts on “Ukrainian trench firefight footage – analysis by Estonian reserve soldier”
  1. Artur, you are the only one that I can believe. All the other channels show the same videos just change the commentary. I know i can trust you with your videos and truthful commentary about what the soldiers are saying while fighting in the trenches. Stay safe and God bless my friend from USA.

  2. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." That's why Russia continues to use human waves. I highly suspect they are mobilizing and then giving these guys no training off the field, forcing them to learn very quickly or die, on the field. Only an untrained soldier would make pointless assaults over and over. It wouldnt take too many times getting beaten back for them to turn on their own leadership.

  3. Your job in a trench isnt to assault its to prevent the enemy getting close to the trench. I am surprised that the browning was not better dug in. That guy who mounts the gun has brass balls. Them shouting obscenaties at the Russians is hikariously mocking.

  4. Nothing more reassuring than the sound of a Ma Deuce laying down fire. And the Ukrainians are displaying damn good discipline; not panicking, communicating and coordinating their actions. Whether they're veterans or fresh volunteers just arriving from training, they're fighting like professionals

  5. I have seen some of your vdeos elsewhere. But you provide commentary of what is happening and translate the talk in English. That makes you an extra special channel. One of the best on a limited budget. As good or better than high end channels.

  6. I really think that when these soldiers (who don't become sunflower seeds) will come home angry, disillusioned and KNOW they have been LIED TO… and this will be the beginning of the end of the Russian Federation…

  7. The Russians keep using these tactics because it costs less to train someone to run forward with machine guns at their backs than it does to try to survive and complete the mission. They have used basically the same tactics since the Russo=Japanese war just with better tech backing them up. They still have the same results lots of dead soldiers for minimal results. They hope they have enough soldiers to withstand the attrition that results.

  8. Why you ask? I'll tell you why it's because they are dumb orc's and possibly drunk. Plus If they are 1st or 2nd line they can't retreat because they will get shot by their own people.

  9. "Professional" Russian soldiers are nothing more than bullies, murderers, thieves, alcoholics and rapists; and their reserves/conscripts/mobilized are… basically the same thing only with less training. Too bad none of them are revolutionaries or there might actually come some change to their country.

  10. military historian with years of research on the Eastern front, I'll explain the human wave attacks! Commanders in the Russian army are taught to use human wave attacks as a way to stop or halt the enemy from attacking. These commanders during 1941 and 42 were sending so many Russians to their death that Zhukov put an end to it.. but it's still in Russian doctrine. The human life has no value in Russia, so they don't care! At some point this will stop when they've reached a million dead.. Russia is not the Russia of 1941. Today Russian can field about two million men. The rest will be older an unable to meet most demands! Either way, this war will continue until Millions have died.. Or, Putin is killed!

  11. The tank crew or whatever being asked to pay for their own fuel is wild lmao. Also note that the north korean train only had what 3 cars on it? That doesnt seem like much. And one more thing about the himars need to take into account the fact that ukraine had made many fake himars look alikes and some of those did get destroyed maybe to bait russian fire but thats why russia said they destroyed some cuz they were fooled lol

  12. Very informative video, as usual, well done! 2 things I wonder though;
    1) Is it possible to directly translate those battle scenes, instead of narrating? (Gives more immersion I`s reckon?)
    2) I`m VERY curious how units shown in this video are faring lateron (today 3 dec 2022). I understand the difficulties, but question remains:)

    Good luck with your channel, proper job done!

  13. I like your videos and commentary but be a bit more careful. This footage is from late September/October (leaves still green) and does not relate to the current situation on the front. Keep up the good work!


    This is why they do this.

  15. Perun explained the idea behind the kind of "waves" of soldiers that the russians send out, it's part of their doctrine. The idea isn't that bad strategically, so long as all parties are reporting honestly. As you said though, it doesn't really value human life. The idea is to send "Echelons" of troops in multiple spots, pull back where bad performance is reported and send more Echelons to areas with success. Not the worst idea, but it seems russian officers/commanders have a habit of reporting combat successes even when there are none. This makes the upper levels of command send more men their way, as they should according to their doctrine.

  16. English corrections for today: 'parts', not 'particles'. 14:34, 14:40. Particles are tiny bits too small to see, e.g. the wear particles that come off tyres and roads, even down to parts of atoms. 'Parts' are bits that can be replaced in a vehicle, orders of magnitude larger. Ah,it was probably just a braino, as you get it right 20 seconds later.

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