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What happened to the air war in Ukraine?


Apr 17, 2023

When the war in Ukraine began, there were estimates that Russia would establish air superiority within a matter of days.


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  1. They have enough aerial refueling tanker planes, they havent neutralized Ukraines sam systems, they have been using long range cruise missies, and were using drones/ uav's. Plus its seems they would rather throw in conscripts into the meat grinder while shelling ukraine until they can afford to shell anymore instead of 100's of CAS missions a day on Ukranian postions. They could also be holding back there air force to use agaisnt US/NATO should the day comes when they join the war.

  2. Seems both sides are using military tech that is 50+ years old. As if the plan was to just burn up old tech to make money, instead of just having it rott away completely.

    Nah seriously, are you telling me neither side has bombers that can fly so high, by the time the enemy spots them, they're already on the way home and the bombs are about to land ? What is going on with air superiority ? All i hear about is how Ukraine needs tanks and artillery and Russia using 60 year old tanks. What ? am i in 1942 or 2023 ? Didn't we have like supersonic speed airplanes flying basically in outer space able to laser guide a multiton bomb onto a target for at least 40 years ?

    Ah well, the M/I complex needs to keep grinding away, gotta have a major war going on every 5-10 years to keep that money flowing in. It's not Ukraine vs Russia, it's the entire West vs Russia, sending all the gear and ammo and using Ukraine as puppet. Amazing how that small country ( compared to Russia) keeps having so many soldiers that know how to properly use all these different weapons coming from all kinds of countries.

  3. Air forces need pilots and those pilots to be effective need to actually, you know, FLY quite often. Because of the corruption in Russia, the pilots flight hours are extremely reduced and this means not only the front line pilots but new pilots DO NOT get enough flight time and these inexperienced pilots make mistakes that in peace time they may survive but in wartime get you killed and that is why the skies over Ukraine are in a stalemate when everyone assumed that Russia would have air superiority all over Ukraine.

  4. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Ukraine was shelling its own people in Eastern Ukraine (ethnic Russians living there) and killing thousands. That's why Russia invaded Ukraine, to stop that murder.

  5. USA flooded airspace with drones in Iraq. They had total air superiority but did it just to reduce pilot casualties from AA during battle for Baghdad iirc. When I found that out I was shocked. USA was truly so ahead of its time in Iraq.

  6. Putin lost that many aircraft..he couldnt afford to replace them an had to settle for helicopters as the builder said there was no funding for replacements…due to parts needed an lack of money

  7. The skies of Ukraine are not contested. Russia conducts bombing runs daily. If any nato nations thought an airforce stood a chance Ukraine, they would be sending planes. Now that Ukraine has used up the thousands of manpad the were given, its open season for the Russian airforce.

  8. Враховуючи жорстоке, неспровоковане, геноцидне, злісне вторгнення Росії в Україну, усі моральні, самоповажаючі, люблячі Христа люди повинні зробити все можливе, щоб перемогти ненависну російську агресію. Слава Йсусу Христу!  Слава навіки!

  9. If the west could create a situation where Ukraine were dominating the air that would effectively end the war. JDAMs would finish the russian army off & the US basically has unlimited bombs & kits

  10. russia doesnt need its air force for ukraine. its saving it for nato because the us and nato believe in air superiority first then ground attack. however russia is using its frogfoot ground attack aircraft regularly in ukraine.

  11. Doesn't Russia have to maintain its forces facing NATO. They are grinding down Ukraine with an expeditionary force. We had one of those in WW2 remember and all that managed to do was retreat to Dunkirk or have we forgot that

  12. "… During the special military operation, up to 90% of the crews of Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, 60% of strategic and long-range aviation, and 85% of unmanned aerial vehicle systems personnel have gained combat experience.

    More than 140,000 combat sorties have been made during the operation. In total, the Aerospace Forces have destroyed more than 20,000 enemy targets… "
    Sergei Shoigu Wednesday 22nd March 2023 Russian Defence Ministry Report

  13. Short answer: Russia has no SEAD/DEAD. The war in Ukraine made everyone realize the massive lack of training/doctrine their military has. Doesn't take a genius to see the mistakes they made.

  14. see they realized in 2023 jets are cool but drones are cheap and can do about the same in a stealthy way without being on a bunch of radars or risking a pilot instead they can just load a drone and bomb them while having the pilot of the drone safe and sound

  15. The Russian military has been in terminal decline for decades and this war is the nail in the coffin. It’s probably the most corrupt and hollowed out shell I’ve seen.

  16. This is just a problem for most nations, this is because the U.S. has something called SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) this role is almost non-resistant in Russia and in a lot of countries too. Without SEAD fighting a war against large amounts of SAM's will attempting to field a large air force would be almost impossible. We can look back to Operation Desert Storm when America launched many SEAD operations against Iraqi SAM's and pretty much controlled the skies throughout the conflict.

  17. The "more important projects" than Russia's military are insanely sized mansions and super yachts for Putin and his Oligarchs. The Russian Government is nothing but a crime organization lining the pockets of Putin and his cronies, while the Russian People suffer and the Russian Military gets exposed fo being the paper tiger that it really is. I would even go as far as saying the nuclear threat from Russia is more effective as a threat than it would be in actual use. First, the majority of nuuclear projects and research have ended either in failure or a catastrope on a global scale. Second, Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine and has not had any issues with targeting and destroying civilian infastructure, also killing innocent Ukrainian Civilians in the process. NATO and the EU would make threats, but it did not stop Putin from continuing his destruction of Ukraine and its People. If his nuclear capability was able to do ANYTHING to sway the war that he is obviopusly losing back into Russia's favor, he would not hesitate to use it. This is a bold assessment with huge consequences if it is wrong, but it does carry weight. So Putin will keep threatening NATO and the EU that he will use nukes in Ukraine because he knows that it keeps NATO and the EU guessing. If Putin actually deploys nukes and it amounts to yet another failure, not only does it open the floodgates from the west, but his own people will eventually turn on him as well.

  18. The level of corruption In Russia is above anything we’ve ever seen before.. except for Ukraine, and that’s why we must make sure that form of corruption succeeds

  19. this obviously has cause many great worries to countries that either use Russian made military aircraft and those that based theirs on Russian design platforms like CHINA. For years Russia have taunted and even made the world to believe they have the capability to challenge even beat the US aircraft in combats. For the 90s sure but its clear the US has clearly ahead of everyone else by decades of technology advancement. This also have an effect on CHINA as they too have taut how they are also way ahead in developing their air force but now the chance for air superiority over Taiwan looks more like a fantasy than reality. Russian and surely China air force appears caught off guard against more reliable mid modern NATO and US made SAM and other types of rpgs that can hit aircraft targets. This simply devastating news for CHINA plans to invade TAIWAN given TAIWAN have been massively beef up their air defense with more modern made SAM that even any "stealth-coated" J-type aircraft fighters will stood no chance to evading.

  20. I can't find the comment to reply to but it was basically saying that if it had been the USAF carrying out the initial strikes and phase of the war that they wouldn't have done any better than the RUAF did. I'm sorry but WWWHHHAAAATTTT are you smoking buddy. Completely different levels of potential between the 2. The US Air force is probably the most experienced in the world and obviously the best equipped. Instead of 10 SU57 that still hasn't convinced its stealth reputation the US has F111, B2, F22, F35 and God knows what else. They actively practice SEAD suppression of enemy air defences. They Absolutely would have dealt with the task that the RUAF can't do. Seriously you can't compare the 2 air forces. The B2 would wreak havoc and in my opinion the F22 would achieve air superiority and the Harms missiles in tandem would overwhelm rapidly. Everything about the US Air force is tweaked and perfected and in mint condition with experienced and skilled aviators. Sorry but had to comment on that. Ying and Yang mate

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