• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Putin & his friend corner Zelensky; Ukrainian troops dig trenches to escape Belarus shelling

Ukrainian forces are reportedly building a second line of anti-tank trenches in the Rovno region, close to its border with Belarus.


31 thoughts on “Putin & his friend corner Zelensky; Ukrainian troops dig trenches to escape Belarus shelling”
  1. It appears the Tigress is cornered after so much fanfare and pomposity in the social media. Wars are not fought by talking loudly what plans and how to execute it. It violates basic principles of military secrecy and operations. Clad in combat fatigues or olive-drab shirts, Zelensky is on the move to lure, engaged in courtship and sweet-talk the West to corner billions of aid money particularly US. Now it appears he's on dire constraints including palpable strategy, and military blunder in decision-making. Now time is running-out for this comedian turned Tiger in a geopolitical staged-play. The taste of the pudding is on the eating. Zelensky had brought the people catastrophic humiliating and crashing defeat for their country that made it the battleground for the West's proxy war from willing victim of Zelensky. A war to tests weapons systems, and the military-industrial complex to sell them and made huge profitable returns in investments.

  2. That slimy rat Zelenskyy would sell his grimy little soul to drag another country into his hopeless stupidity. He wants to provoke first and then pivot to his poor me story. Why Putin has not dropped a FOAB on Zelenskyy's pointy head is a mystery to me.

  3. Ha ha ha. We Americans fools never learn. All the Ukraine war is a racket, for our evil Zion-Masonic Olygharcy Mafiosi Elite, quick get rich scam. Using our children future and retirement funds. We are ignorant fools.

  4. Wars and Rumors of wars….this war is fake….they are just killing off as many Ukrainians as possible for the tribe…..if it was real …the Ruskies would have leveled KIev….last year…..and or fire bombed it into ashes…like the Americans and Brits did to Germany and Japan in WW2…the Ruskies are just playing…..Grow up Sheeple….

  5. The UN is now clearly an instrument of US aggression. The provocation of the US and NATO against another peaceful country using the evil Zelensky regime and their untouchable status has gone too far. How many countries does the U.S. have to destroy before it's properly sanctioned for all the atrocities since the 50s?

  6. Sto hiljada tenkova rusi su uništili UK..sa 5% vojne tehnike u ratu..a gdje je 95% novo vojne tehnike rusije..cjeli zapad mogu za pola sata uništiti…
    Hitler je na cjeli svijet krenu..rusi mu došli u Berlin .ovaj put doćiće u njuork..
    ŽIVJELA naj veća sila Rusije i kine

  7. His other friend, Kadyrov appears to have an upset tummy. Must be something he ate. I hope it wasn't that box of chocolates from Pootie. But one never knows in Russia these days. Between open windows and snacks that are past their 'use by' date it's just not very safe being in Pootie's inner circle.

  8. YouTube needs to block this channel Hindustan Times so that it can no longer spill lies and false propaganda. Block them like they did RT after russia invaded Ukraine

  9. Does anyone believe that Chinese hegemony over the world would be any better then the wests??? Go read about Maos “Great Leap Forward “… Think the USSR would be fun?? Read the Gulag Archipelago to understand the absolute horrors the Soviets brought( on their own people!! ) The world may just get what some of you FOOLS are asking for. China will strip the oceans and land of ALL resources and leave the world in ruin. All for themselves.

  10. Poootin and girlfriend is cornering ukraine. USA and Europe cornering Russia . Ukraine military cornering Russian military. Nato weapons cornering Russian weapons . Military weapons manufacturer cornering the dollers and CORNERING goes on and on to the last dollar

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