• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian Artillerymen from the 406th OABR named after Corporal General Oleksiy Almazov reportedly destroyed a Russian 2A36 …


13 thoughts on “Ukrainain Artillerymen destroy Russian 2A36 "Hyacinth-B" cannon”
  1. Why is not one of the news networks putting it out their that America and the uk started this war in ukraine in 2014 by causing a military coup in ukraine and replacing it with zelensky and then the full blown encroachment by nato on russian lands im not saying russia are correct in their acction but can we atleast call this for exactly what it is a proxy way in country that didn't ask for war and has now become the worlds largest weapons testing facility for both West and Eastern powers. I do truly feel for the Ukrainian people for what the west has thrust upon you and your families and children. Playing political games with countrys and thousands of human lifes is abhorrent and disgusting and the western world should open its eyes and see what is truly happening

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