• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Russia’s war in Ukraine is getting more bloody by the day. Nearly 6000 Ukrainians have been killed. Fourteen million have fled …


23 thoughts on “Ukraine’s War Is Leading to a Nervous Breakdown”
  1. After serving for 19 years in the IDF and losing my both legs (under the knee) broken spine ribs… It’s the beginning of PTSD! Don’t be angry at the people because they will respect you and then they will get on their life! It’s not personal but people are people and you have to look internally and get on your life! Remember there’s a lot of people that fought and look like civilians but many fought and many just don’t want to remember everything! And if they’re people here that didn’t fought just a good word and thank you for your service is appreciated and heeling towards the MEN that fought for your rights!!! Remember THEY are the WARRIORS that MOVIES will be created in the future!! Peace and love

  2. Sad part is, the only winners of this conflict is all the blood money made for the bankers, weapons producers, and mercenaries hired to train or fight.

  3. Since the full-scale war started I’ve been going through an emotional rollercoaster, being diagnosed with panic disorder and OCD.
    I work as a volunteer helping our military and sometimes we can’t make it on time. Sometimes the soldiers who ask for our help get killed the same day we text on Signal.
    Today my friend died (KIA) at the frontline. And it’s so damn hard to go through it.
    Sometimes it feels like this is a never-ending nightmare that is going to last me a lifetime.

  4. I agree with that soldier that was wounded… Those able bodies must have something to do for people of their country. To use drugs get drunk and party is an insult and that soldier realizes it. Maybe they should be making bread… Maybe they should be helping no matter how small. Somehow keeping busy by partying I fear will make them worse . I just think the soldier was right

  5. Anyone endorsing that conflict has learned nothing from the cold war and is generally a massive pile.

    The U.S. must GTFO of that conflict before things escalate. You are all part of the problem for supporting such vile acts.

  6. I hate a bit how I hear very often how "the civilians are the ones taking the worst part", others say "the women are…" others say "the children are…", but how about just agreeing that the soldier in the front line getting his head ripped off or dying cold and alone like a dog, is clearly taking the f*****g worst part…??? War is hell but come on… enough of this stupid rhetoric, IMHO…

  7. The casualties say they don't want help because like most people they think it won't help them they are clearly traumatized, the war must end now for all their sakes, Ukraine is facing annihilation despite what you hear we've been lied to there's no winning this war only prolonging the suffering of the innocent, end this f##king madness now.

  8. Reporters or whatever need to stop asking people dumbass questions to illicit emotions for their show. Husband is away fighting in a war "You must worry about him don't you?" Son is killed "How did his passing make you feel?" Idk what that is, but stop doing it. Am I the only one?

  9. Of course Europe has had endless wars over very obscure reasons. Blinken and his Coven of Neo Cons must be chuckling with glee over this idiocy. Use to be Capitalist Versus Communists now it's
    Plutocrats versus Oligarchs. With no electricity. What is the Prize? full cemeteries and men ruined for life. Takes decades to recover from this utter and unbelievable mischief from the USA thirsting for more horror with China?! While Covid 19 rages unchecked throughout the Planet having killed18M. Only a Global Socialist Planned Economy can end this horrific violent Anarchy of Imperial Capital!

  10. What most people don't realize is that you can tlk and talk but for most guys is means nothing. They just have to learn to deal with the deamons.
    I agree with the guy. As long as there is a war there should be no partying. You fight and party after victory, period.

  11. Thank you Michael Learmonth for everything you guys do at Vice, I know it's appreciated by many that things are kept real in these situations and under those circumstances, I appreciated the no fake news stories and I hope that's exactly how things will be kept in the future videos that vice produce. I support the truth as it needs to be told that way to be understood by so many who fall into disinformation, misinformation and then get stuck in the propaganda circle for their main source of information. Keep up the good work Vice News.

  12. This Video was presented to me as disturbing and therefore distributed with restrictions. Allegedly it was the YT community who requested it.
    And it is actually the most shocking thing. It's not the vid showing how the war really is is disturbing. Disturbing is that we let it happen. Disturbing and disgusting is the indifference of human beings who don't wish that reality spoil their wellbeing, their comfort zone.
    I could witness protests against Vietnam War. Millions of mostly young people all over the world protesting against American intervention in South-East Asia. It was so cute and nice to be on the right side. To be against war because war was evil then.
    Isn't it now?

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