• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Ukrainian artillery destroys entire Russian armored convoy and crew in Vuhledar.


35 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery destroys entire Russian armored convoy and crew in Vuhledar.”
  1. Танковый биатлон, парадные войска.. в поле выехали, поджарили жопу.. вот и нет больше армии Шойгу, клоуны фанерные

  2. Their leaders send them in pre-marked zones that's why is so " easy " to destroy these columns as the artillery has the coordinates where the enemy may go so yeah modern warfare is easier when your enemy is stupid

  3. After ruzzia lose war in Ukraine.. They find themself between Pakistan and India in world military strengh. Bravo putler.. U really made it.

  4. Nice, but it seems that the missile almost missed. Also those are selectively picked successes while in reality the general situation is actually opposite and UA is on slow retreat again basically..

  5. Another successful day for Ukraine destroying enemy equipment. Everyday about half a dozen of such videos are published on YT. Unfortunately Russia has no problem to replace these tanks and to ramp up her inventory…

  6. Hit from 100-mm anti-tank gun MT-12 (GRAU index – 2A29, in some sources it has the names T-12A and "Rapier") In three days of fighting, the Russian brigade was completely destroyed: the 40th separate Krasnodar-Kharbinskaya twice Red Banner Marine Brigade is a tactical formation of the Marine Corps of the Pacific Fleet of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Conditional name – Military unit No. 10103.

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