• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Warning, graphic content – Ukrainian mortars blow up Russian troops hidden in snowy trenches. This footage has not yet been …


42 thoughts on “Ukrainian mortars blow up Russian troops hidden in snowy trenches”
  1. Yeah and ukranians also use biological weapons. Shows what POS they are. I feel nothing for their country and most Americans care less what happens to them. You are old news, sucking up all our money.

  2. That mortar round has to have been guided. Mortars have been around since WW2 and they havent been accurate enough to actually hit the inside of a trench less than 2 meters wide.

  3. I wonder if Russian wives, girlfriends, mothers watch these videos, if they dont they really should. When are Russians going to get rid of the absolute madman they have allowed to drag their once great country into the gutter, Russia now ranks with North Korea, Iran and Syria. Putin is nothing more than a gangster and has slowly but surely driven his country back to the brink of the Iron curtain and the cold war, all whilst lining his own pocket, i'm sure these boys being blown to bits hundreds of miles from home appreciate Vladimirs special operation. RUSSIANS, THE WHOLE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU TO RISE UP AND GET RID OF THIS MADMAN.

  4. This was I believe a large mortar diameter, absolutely trained to the trench outlet area. If any soldiers lived as to the blast area I would believe they were injured with possible hearing loss. A frightening accuracy to the invaders as would cause fatality extending up the trench line.

  5. Soldier 1: "Hey, Ivan, have you seen Sergei?"

    Soldier 2: "He's around here, everywhere."

    Soldier 1: "Don't you mean 'he's around 'somewhere?'

    Soldier 2: "No, I mean he's…just, everywhere…"

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