• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Ukrainian troops use drone to drop bomb on Russian soldiers in a trench


Apr 18, 2023

UKRAINIAN troops use a drone to drop a bomb on two Russian soldiers sheltering in a trench. Special Operations Forces (SSO) …


27 thoughts on “Ukrainian troops use drone to drop bomb on Russian soldiers in a trench”
  1. 짐승 한마리때문에 인간들이 서로 죽여야하는 상황이 안타깝습니다..이것이 알베르 까뮈가 말한 불조리한 현실입니다

  2. Those praising this are psychotic morons. These are humans beings forced into a war the never agreed to. And your celebration their deaths.

  3. I'd like to watch the russians dying in your next video please and thank you. This isnt clear enough. I want to see their souls be expelled from their bodies.

  4. That's why I don't want to ever go to war. The new technology is hella scary. Drones watching you from the sky, and the moment they see an opportunity, they drop bombs on your head. And the drones are getting smaller, more efficient, and chapter as time passes. Soon there will be swarms of bomber drones, minigun drones, and suicide drones swarming the sky like angry hornets in the lookout for victims. And you'll be standing there, questioning yourself why you have to bleed and die for the ambitions of a badling guy with a small, very very small penis.

  5. So discussing the killing of the kids. It is also rewarding because those kids chose to attack a country unprovoked. Both countries suck they're evil I have no feelings toward either I don't care who wins or loses their complete self-destruction is fine there are no with God.

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