• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

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32 thoughts on “$5.5m “Tornado-Q” system hidden by Russians was discovered and destroyed”
  1. I do hope that such remarkable illustrations/achievements for the ukraina favors are not a fake / not just a video game / not a military simulation / etc, as it can be disappointing & misleading, as follows,
    Personally, I do really hate or dislike putin & russia. Please be extra careful & thoroughly alert that the russian spies or traitors/betrayers might steal or smuggle the west-provided sophisticated weapons to russia; and then there they try hard to scrutinize, to examine, to unravel or to lay bare the secrets of those superior weapons provided by the us / west / europe
    Further, if the russians attack brutally & indiscriminately civilian targets, civilian infratructures, electric power plants, etc in ukraina, why don't the ukrainas put revenges either on such brutal/harsh/indiscriminate actions by russians, by also the utrainans attacking as well russia's civilian targets/infrastructures/etc far deep inside russian territory ?

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  3. It always seems to be that Ukraine consists of large farming areas surrounded by tree lined roads. Not many places to hide, especially with no leaves on the trees during winter.

  4. Russia found out the hard way that technology definitely sucks for them! Drones are the single most important technological advance to modern warfare in the 21st century. They single-handedly rewrote the script on how wars are going to be fought for a long time until they can make some kind of advancement in satellites I guess.
    The US and others are greatly appreciative of the front row seat so they can change their planning for the future.

  5. Haha Russia think they are the Viet Cong, and can hide under the trees.
    LOL even Viet Cong today couldent do that, there are no hiding, and stop and you die.
    War 101 today,,,,,, and i hate to say this but, Blitzkrig.

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