• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Complete GoPro of a Terrible Recon Mission in Ukraine

Ukraine #Combat #GoPro Complete GoPro of a Terrible Recon Mission in Ukraine Another mission from my GoPro in Ukraine.


40 thoughts on “Complete GoPro of a Terrible Recon Mission in Ukraine”
  1. I don't know what to say. Personally I could never in my life do something like this unless it was my own country that was invaded. I respect those fighting. Walking in those fields. No cover at all in clear skies. I respect it. I don't know too much about warfare I'll save that for the professionals. Just stay safe the best you can guys!

  2. I hate to be the critique guy, but in my entire 25+ years as an infantry officer I have never seen a recon mission this desperate to move quickly and tactically less correct. I truly wish these brave men get some effective training to enable them to accomplish the mission’s they are tasked with. This video broke my heart for them. Walking down a road? I’m sorry for being negative but Ukraine must win this war through less attrition, not more. Perhaps I’m missing something here but I doubt it. I realize these are early days but still, my comments are definitely constructive. Respect to those young men taking up the challenge to fight for something truly worth fighting for.

  3. I’m a former Army Recon Det Comdr & Sniper TL & this video is quite alarming. The disregard of noise discipline, patrolling in open tracks by day which are considered obstacles or potential fire lanes, the lack of recon SOP’s is evident. No all round defence halt procedures. No obstacle crossing procedures. In open ground you should be patrolling into your OP at night, during the day you should be using cover such as sticking to treelines or deadground. There are 2 main threats for a recon patrol… enemy trackers & forward observers or OP’s. FO’s can call in IDF. Long Range OP’s are occupied by snipers which observe at a distance of 1-2km. I know you guys are on the ground doing the business and it’s easy to point out faults from our end but please learn & apply recon patrol procedures. It will minimise loss of life. ❤️ from NZ.

  4. I know of a place that in Vietnam was bombed every day and my dad had to fight through that near the end of the war and it’s a miracle that he’s alive

  5. These guys are a well oiled machine there operators seals maybe most still active I would bet to small of a team not to be but I may be wrong just wonder why some faces are blurred. Slave ukraini

  6. the dangers that could happen to them while walking on a open field is scary and this might be offtopic but the sky is so beautiful, and i feel bad for the medic cuz he carrying all those his shoulder might be hurtin yk

  7. Dude leading the way has to be the loudest mfer ever walking through the woods… good thing nobody was within distance of hearing… definitely could have been much worse

  8. I think the commanders doesn't want to share their intel of secret positions to soldiers especially foreign legions as it can be easily compromised. Who knows what a foreign volunteer might have in mind. However, the commanders could have handled it very differently while maintaining everyone's safety.

  9. Whilst watching you lads, I could feel the tension building. With the enemy still in the area and you boys walking in the open, across the fields, I was just waiting for either the 1st mortar round or the 1st burst of 30mm or maybe even perhaps RPK fire to start whizzing in..

  10. So many lives being destroyed because of a couple people wanting to extend their power!!
    I didn't understand it in WW2 with the exception of people only having government propaganda as their source of reliable news.
    But in today's advanced technology with the internet, cell phones and the staggering amount of war documentaries make this war Putin has been able to start is unbelievable & plane out crazy to me but I always gotta remember as an American I have rights that keep our government in check with any goals the might have

  11. I feel like if you are fighting in a foreign country it should be mandatory for everybody to at least learn some basic conversational skills in the local language. It doesn't take that much time just a month of some studying and practice (even between other training) can go a long way

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