• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Concerned about the war Ukraine? You’re not alone. Historian Yuval Noah Harari provides important context on the Russian …


44 thoughts on “The War in Ukraine Could Change Everything | Yuval Noah Harari | TED”
  1. these trillions of dollars stolen by Western offshore oligarchs from Russia's economic turnover were not used to improve the living conditions of their peoples, not on democracy, but spent on the concentration of private corporate capital, to idiotic futuristic projects, to Italian luxury, and crazy social experiments

  2. IMHO i just think Russia wanted a buffer zone in Ukraine not a nato ally pointing missiles at her , and Harari and his ilk need Russia to fall to implement their agenda.

  3. Russia responded to Western Policies and however you americans try to spin it, you will fail miserably. Not in Ukraine, but in the world. And Yuval I am sorry man, but on this you are wrong.

  4. so far, we've watching the War for a year. now I can say that HE WAS RIGHT. in a year, I have seen numerous lectures, speeches, and analyses about the Ukranian War, but nothing has been more acurate than this analyzeand predict.

  5. There’s something blind in the Israeli perspective in the 2020s. The inability to live in peace with the Arabs has somehow made the world opaque for many Israeli thinkers, particularly this guy.

  6. I’m very disappointed by Noha’s naive historical analysis of this war. This war is not about how old Ukraine is ! This is about west expanding NATOs defenses right across from Russia’s border- Minsk 2 agreement back in 2014 spell that clearly. Reading Dr Kissinger’s paper on this war will keep truth in light- don’t believe the war machine narrative- it’s naive and discredits a real historian

  7. Shortly the war will reach 1 year… what you said back at the start is still relevant.. however, the Europeans and the Americans seem to be holding back from letting the Ukrainians win …I don't understand this…

  8. References to historical imperial land ownership and extrapolate that to current land desires on the same imperial template, is wrong.
    The Cuban crisis and the resultant Monroe doctrine are the same token Russia will Not have American led NATO on its porch. Don't overthink it; it's simple logic. Russia is ensuring it has its security concerns sorted as sure as the U.S. would not brook Russian missiles and military personnel in Canada or Mexico.
    No fantasy about independent, sovereign right to choose, will allow U.S. to accept such an existential threat on its own porch. It is simple survival instinct. The U.S. would tell the Canadians or Mexicans to remain neutral or die. It's logic.

  9. Isn't this the same PhD that got all giddy at the World Economic Forum about biohacking human consciosness and handing it over to the elite. He' struck me as a twisted fellow.

  10. a very one sided analysis. if you want to understand the roots of the war, you have to deal with the facts, that after the sovjet collapse the west have made promises that there will be no nato east expansion. and further on, why don‘t you say a single word about the coup 2014, where the us established a new goverment. what about the oppression of russians in donbass?

  11. I agree that from war a lot of people suffering, how about Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Palestine and etc… are there any humans there who is suffering or you only care about Ukraine?

  12. The current borders of Ukraine contain regions that are predominantly Russian, those regions have been attacked and subjugated for years by Ukrainians.

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