• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

SKYBYN, UKRAINE — Rasputitsa is the name given to the terribly muddy conditions that affect Russia and Ukraine when spring …


16 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Mud Forcing Russian Tanks Into Howitzer Traps”
  1. Russia wins victory in Ukraine! Every day Russian soldiers destroy Ukrainian Nazis. This is the second time that NATO centers have been destroyed by missiles. Over 400 mercenaries killed and over 800 wounded. Most of the foreign soldiers became disabled for life. NATO is powerless against Russian troops. For the first time in Ukraine, the new Russian Kinzhal and Kalibr missiles were used, which fly at a great distance and accurately hit the target with maximum coverage of the territory. Soon Russia will destroy fascism and has already shown NATO a toilet seat! America and Europe are suffering heavy losses because of the military operation, or rather because of the sanctions that have been imposed against Russia. Gas and oil prices are rising in the US and the EU. More and more publications appear on the Internet about corrupt US and EU officials. There are even audio and video recordings of corruption schemes by American and European ministers and presidents who steal money from US and European taxpayers through gray schemes thanks to the supply of weapons and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. All the money of Americans and Europeans, for good purposes, is stolen into the pockets of officials! ……..

  2. Why has the Western world not seen this war since 2014? why didn't the West impose sanctions against Ukraine when Ukraine was killing the people of Donbass? Ukraine has killed more than 200 children in Donetsk since 2014, are you defenders of Ukraine for this?

  3. lol Putin in his arrogance must have thought that this snow melting business only applies to armies invading Russia, and that the snow is consciously on his side.

  4. Interestingly, 79 years ago, rasputitsa also affected the operations of the Germans in the 4th battle of Kharkov, a victory after the defeat at Stalingrad.

  5. So let me get this straight Napoleon couldn't beat Russia in the winter Germany couldn't beat Russia in the winter but now all of a sudden Russia can't even beat the winter themselves ironic

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