• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

UKRAINIAN troops destroy Russian storage facilities with fuel and weapons intended for the invading forces. The 45th Separate …


18 thoughts on “Ukrainian troops destroy Russian weapons facility”
  1. the sun has always been the "yellow press". But here they outdid themselves))) To present such a collage of different videos as "Ukrainian troops destroy Russian weapons facility". This is a complete failure of Ukrainian propaganda.

  2. ▪️Russian fighters shot down two Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft in the districts of Raygorodok and Cherkassk in the DPR, the Russian Defense Ministry reports.
    ▪️Another Su-25 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was shot down by air defense in the Kharkiv region. Eight Ukrainian drones were also shot down, including one Bayraktar TB-2 in the area of Velikaya Kamyshevakha.

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