• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

This is the moment Ukrainian soldiers destroy a column of Russian tanks and armoured vehicles on a rural road. The battle group …


26 thoughts on “Column of Russian tanks destroyed by Ukrainian missile squad”
  1. 10/10. This is very special. These orcs were driving along thinking about the next family they’re going to murder and all of the sudden terror strikes them. They’re completely exposed and they’re all going to no longer be able to hurt innocent women and children.

  2. Good russians were made. Far too long has Russia been given a free pass for the terror and whole sale murder they've done. Twice as much as the 3rd Reich. About time they've paid for their crimes

  3. russians, if you are planning to disappear keep on being there or invade the country !, if you want to save your life surrender to the ukrainian soldiers,, genocid putin don't worth a penny for you to risk your life and your family !

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