• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

The package’s GPS-guided GLSDB from Boeing has a range of 100 miles and can be launched from mobile artillery systems like …


14 thoughts on “GLSDB: America's Missile Used to Destroy Russian Artillery”
  1. Ukraine will pay dearly soon because it has allowed America to fight this proxy war with Russia. This is like 6 on one and that's bullshit. Both Biden and Ukraine started this war. Can't wait till Kiev is gone and China kicks America's ass.

  2. the ground-to-air SMAP-T (or MAMBA) system is considered the best system in its category, it operates at 360° and it uses 2 types of missiles, the ASTER 15 and the ASTER 30, the ASTER 30 is designed to destroy ballistic missiles, as well as all types of planes or helicopters, the ASTER 15 is only designed for all flying devices (planes, helicopters and drones) for a lower cost than the ASTER 30! they are not designed to hit the target but they explode nearby by sifting the target with hundreds of shrapnel, they are directed by a flip flap system, jets at the level of each fin make it possible to direct the ASTERs with great precision and very very quickly !

  3. Сатанисты и фашисты, где ваше наступление ? Почему вы до сих пор проигрываете русским ? Потаму что русские ни когда не проигрывают ! Ожидать Иисуса Христа ! Ожидать Суд и АД ! Библия – Откровение !

  4. That's why were starving everything's hi to buy everybody wants to know what's going on cuz you want chaos cuz we're smart not dumb like you are giving her money up making us go to war because you are a special person it needs a helmet and training Wheels when you ride your bike people wake up they're full of shit blowing smoke up our asses

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