• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Russian kamikaze drone destroys American M777 howitzer in Bakhmut. A video was published showing how the Lancet …


25 thoughts on “Horrible footage (Apr 11 2023) Russian kamikaze drone destroys American M777 howitzer in Bakhmut”
  1. This war will not be much longer Ukraine is running out of certain Ammunition‘s there new soldiers have a life expectancy of four hours plus there’s no way you’re going to beat mother Russia in her backyard They’re just now really starting to bring in their Air Force and their Marines they rotate their soldiers out for rest Ukraine just grinds there soldiers into the ground until there’s nothing left

  2. привет я българин Русия сила я за правду Россия победит всех нацистов в Украине и Европе

    это хорошо )

  3. ukraine started the drone war, with the improvised drones to attack helpless russian infantry. Russia has now responded in kind but with a fury. Don't start a fight if you can't handle the response.

  4. West going to Xi telling putin to come to his senses, but its the west sending weapons to kill russians since 2014.

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